AlUla Design Award Unveils 10 Finalists

The finalists of the second edition will have their work shown at Paris Design Week and five winners will be announced.

AlUla Design Award Unveils 10 Finalists
This Is Yung Staff

Step into a realm where design and cultural legacy intertwine as Arts AlUla (Instagram) proudly reveals the 10 finalists for the highly anticipated second edition of the AlUla Design Award. This prestigious showcase celebrates exceptional creations that draw inspiration from the rich heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and artistic marvels of Saudi Arabia.


Handpicked from an original shortlist of twenty visionary designers, these ten finalists have captivated the discerning eyes of a renowned Jury composed of design world luminaries. Their prototypes were meticulously evaluated, and now, their masterpieces are set to be on show at Paris Design Week.


Curated by the illustrious designer Hervé Sauvage, an exclusive exhibition at Galerie MR21 will unfold the intricate stories behind each finalist’s creation. This celebration of design brilliance will take place from 8th to 16th September 2023, with an exclusive preview for press on the 6th of September.


The AlUla Design Award is not just a celebration of artistry; it also serves as a gateway to new possibilities. The winners of this prestigious accolade will have the opportunity to see their designs commissioned, supported, and promoted within AlUla’s extensive network of influential and high-profile regional and international platforms.


The award’s presence at Paris Design Week bridges the worlds of design and retail, enabling a cultural exchange that pushes the boundaries of creative expression. The designers’ unique interpretations of Saudi heritage will come to life in tangible forms, inviting design enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the beauty of this ancient land.


Jury member, Cyril Zammit says, “The designers have captivated the jury with their innovative concepts, artistic excellence, and imaginative interpretations of AlUla’s rich cultural heritage. The quality and innovation have proven exceptional. There were more international entries than the first edition and I was pleased to discover a stronger voice from the Middle-East with emerging new talents. All the finalists have managed to truly capture the essence of AlUla and transform it into tangible retail designs.”


The ten finalists are:


Tawa by Shaddah Studio (Saudi, based in Saudi Arabia)

Naba Tea Tiffin by Ikkis, Gunjan Gupta (Indian, based in India)

AlUla Terrains: Dates Serving Set by Teeb (Lebanese & Saudi, based in Saudi Arabia)

Incense Heritage Collection by Sarra Hafaiedh (Tunisian, based in Tunisia)

Ohjea by Thaqeb Studio (Saudi, based in Saudi Arabia)

Oil Lantern by Imane Mellah (French, based in Paris)

Book Lithic by Ahmed AlMannai, Rashed AlAraifi, Hamad AlMannai, and Abdulla Binhindi (Bahraini, based in Bahrain)

Arabian Leopard Sculpture Set by Abdulla Binhindi (Bahraini, based in Bahrain)

Steps Clasp by Sara Kanoo (Bahraini, based in Bahrain)

Sand Garden by Tajalla Studio (Saudi, based in Saudi Arabia)


The AlUla Design Award promises to be an extraordinary voyage of artistry and imagination. Join us as we celebrate the convergence of culture and design, unlocking the vibrant spirit of AlUla through the lens of these remarkable visionaries.


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