Art Dubai 2024: What to See?

Where creativity meets cultural resilience.

Art Dubai 2024: What to See?
Mariana Baião Santos

Art Dubai (Instagram) returns for its 17th edition, graciously under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. From March 1st to 3rd, 2024, the vibrant cityscape of Dubai will once again transform into a mesmerising tapestry of art, culture, and innovation.

Since its inception in 2007, Art Dubai has been a steadfast advocate for artistic excellence, showcasing a diverse array of gifted artists and nurturing the dynamic cultural ecosystem of the MENA region and beyond. This year, the art fair continues its mission to amplify underrepresented voices and communities in the global art sphere, offering a platform for dialogue, discovery, and transformation.

This edition of Art Dubai promises an immersive experience like no other, featuring over 120 contemporary, modern, and digital gallery presentations, alongside captivating talks and thought leadership programs. Embracing the theme of “communities and healing,” Art Dubai 2024 invites attendees to explore the transformative power of art in fostering connection, resilience, and collective well-being.

ArtDubai 2024
ArtDubai 2024

Executive Director Benedetta Ghione affirms, “We are witnessing an exciting phase in Dubai’s cultural story.” Indeed, Art Dubai remains at the forefront of redefining the role of an art fair, catalysing the growth of a vibrant creative economy and fostering opportunities for artists and creatives through innovative partnerships and collaboration.

This year’s edition will showcase leading artists and galleries from across the globe, alongside a multitude of Dubai-based exhibitors, further solidifying Dubai’s position as a burgeoning art centre. From avant-garde installations to thought-provoking exhibitions, attendees can expect a curated selection of artistic excellence that pushes boundaries and inspires dialogue.

For digital art enthusiasts, Art Dubai Digital stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a dedicated space curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera. From robotics to blockchain art, AI to VR, this platform celebrates trailblazers in the art and tech world, showcasing the intersection of creativity and cutting-edge technology.

ArtDubai 2024
ArtDubai 2024

“Bawwaba,” meaning “getaway” in Arabic, presents 10 solo exhibitions of new artwork, centred around the theme of “Sanación” or healing. Curated by Emiliano Valdés, this section features artists from the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America, exploring notions of community, belonging, and resilience.

Art Dubai 2024 also includes a diverse program of panels and talks, addressing topics ranging from climate change to the digital art economy, led by leading experts and professionals in the field. Partnerships and capacity-building initiatives remain central to Art Dubai’s ethos, with initiatives such as Campus Art Dubai providing mentorship and training to emerging talent.

As visitors immerse themselves in the diverse spaces offered at Art Dubai 2024, they are invited to reflect on the power of art to inspire, heal, and transform both individuals and societies. The art fair’s commitment to social impact extends to its commissions program, featuring works that delve into pressing socio-political issues, including the ecological and socio-political challenges faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation. In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges, Art Dubai stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and creative innovation, uniting communities and inspiring change. 

Here are a few shows to keep an eye on this visit:

Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah and Dubai / Dia Mrad / Contemporary section, Booth F8

Dia Mrad, Always Forever, 2020, Zawyeh Gallery
Dia Mrad, Always Forever, 2020; Zawyeh Gallery


Mandy El-Sayegh / Lawrie Shabibi / 22 February – 4 April

Art Dubai
Mandy El-Sayegh, ‘A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose’, 2024


Leila Heller Gallery, / Mohammed Ehsai, Wim Delvoye, Reza Derakshani, Marwan Sahmarani, Aref Montazeri, Parinaz Eleish Gharagozlou, and Zeinab Al Hashemi / Contemporary section, Booth A9


Art Dubai
Installation view of Lawrie Shabibi’s booth at Art Dubai


NIKA Project Space / Mirna Bamieh / Contemporary section

Art Dubai
Mirna Bamieh, Sour Things: The Kitchen (2023)

Iqra Tanveer / Grey Noise / 27 February – 20 April

Art Dubai
Iqra Tanveer, Lament of a Tree, 2024

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