Balenciaga Reveal “The Lost Tape” For Its Fall 2022 Campaign

It’s a star-studded line-up featuring Bella Hadid and Aya Nakamura, among others

Balenciaga Reveal “The Lost Tape” For Its Fall 2022 Campaign
Yaseen Dockrat

Barely a week after the LVMH-owned label revealed its Resort 2023 collection, Balenciaga is back with its fall 2022 campaign. Arguably the world’s hottest brand right now, Balenciaga’s latest campaign is an expansion of “The Lost Tape” that encapsulates the collection inspired by the ’90s.


The theme advocates the effortlessly cool and provocative aesthetic that symbolized early 1990s advertising, photographed by British artist Nadia Lee Cohen. The campaign features Bella Hadid, Inti Wang, Kit Butler, Zuo Chen, and Abdou Diop alongside pop artist Aya Nakamura.

These icons of the modern era pose in a way that breaks the fourth wall and makes eye contact with the viewer while embracing one another. The campaign features the brands recently launched Lindsey, Crush, and Crocs Bag and the XX, Hourglass, Everyday Tote, and La Cagole in new styles and contexts.


Imagery from the campaign also features Balenciaga Jewelry and ready-to-wear garments. These early aughts-inspired items are paired with low-rise pants bearing Balenciaga underwear and Double -B buckled belts. Reimagined slip dresses are set side by side with luxurious robe coats and mid-riff bearing tops.

The collection further extends to denim and footwear, where the thigh-high Falkon Boot reigns as a standout piece, alongside a Knife-Pump, a Five-pocket Pantaboot, and a three-piece jean that is a miniskirt, pants, and boots all once.

Images: Supplied