Bulgari Uncoils The Serpenti Factory at DIFC

Serpenti Factory - Where luxury meets artistry

Bulgari Uncoils The Serpenti Factory at DIFC
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In a fantastic night at Dubai’s DIFC, Bulgari (Instagram) illuminated the night sky with the grand opening of the “Serpenti Factory” and the mesmerizing “75 Years of Infinite Tales” exhibition. The iconic Serpenti emblem took center stage, casting a spellbinding display of projection mapping on the Gate Building, painting the Dubai skyline with its radiant allure. It was a magical convergence of luxury and artistry.

Serpenti Factory

^ Jean-Christophe Babin, the CEO of Bulgari Group, spoke of the House’s connection with the region.


The Serpenti Factory is set to serve as a cultural bridge, uniting Middle Eastern and Italian heritage. This initiative not only elevates Dubai as an emerging haven for artists but also showcases the talents of local artists. Bulgari, with the House’s deep respect for the region and its vibrant art scene, collaborated with gifted local artists including Azza Al Qubaisi, Dr. Azra Khamissa, and Dr. Afra Atiq. Drawing inspiration from the Serpenti’s rich heritage, these artists breathed new life into Bulgari’s iconic symbol.

^ Dr. Afra Atiq


The exclusive preview event welcomed 300 guests, including Bulgari’s regional brand ambassadors, such as Lojain Omran, Raya Abirached, Huda Al Mufti, and Bassel Khaiat—the first regional male ambassador.

Serpenti Factory

^ Dr. Azra Khamissa

Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group, said of the exhibition’s opening, ““For 75 years, the emblematic Serpenti sign has represented Bulgari’s unique design with audacity and contemporary vision. It draws inspiration from the past in the era of Cleopatra and has become the protagonist of a wonderful tale that continues today, made of creativity, excellent craftsmanship, and modern spirit. It has been able to stand by the women who have worn it, enhancing their personality. We are happy to be able to celebrate this Icon so dear to the Brand with the Serpenti Factory in Dubai, marking the first exhibition of its kind in the Middle East”.

^  Dr. Azza Al Qubaisi

The Bulgari Serpenti “75 Years of Infinite Tales” exhibition is open to the public until September 24th. Visitors can embark on a visionary journey, exploring the deep connection between Bulgari’s Serpenti creations and the world of art. The exhibition seamlessly fuses ancient totemic symbolism with contemporary artistry, making it a must-visit event for art and luxury enthusiasts alike.


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