Celine Men’s Spring 2023

It was Slimane at his shimmering best

Celine Men’s Spring 2023
Yaseen Dockrat

Heidi Slimane is known for his electric shows that coincide with the rock-star fashions he brought with him to Celine. What began in 1997 at Yves Saint Laurent and grew ever stronger by the time Slimane arrived at Dior Homme in the early oughts had only strengthened by the time he returned to Saint Laurent between 2012 and 2016. The collection for Spring 2023 was no different. Slimane is on a roll at Celine, and his collection is studded with hundreds of crystals.

The show began amid much fanfare as celebrities worldwide seemed to have been in attendance. Setting the scene in pure Slimane fashion, as models in artfully jaded jeans, hems let down, and classic Slimane stovepipe leather pants emerged. Shoes came in pointed boots with cone-shaped heels, while blousons were decorated with studs, fringe, and all-over sequins.

Tuxedos came in the form of fitted pieces that looked almost retro-like, while ties were so thin they could be mistaken for shoelaces. The suits and tuxedos exuded punk, rock ability, and emo vibes synonymous with Slimane.

Images: Supplied