Dubai’s Own KAMEH Crafts an Exclusive Collectible For Level Shoes

Deconstructing the traditional.

Dubai’s Own KAMEH Crafts an Exclusive Collectible For Level Shoes
This Is Yung

In an intriguing new project with Level Shoes (Instagram), KAMEH (Instagram) reimagines the traditional white box, fashioning it into a limited-edition collectible that will resonate with shoe aficionados and art connoisseurs alike. This artistic take transcends storage, becoming a multi-layered embodiment of the human experience. Picture the metal frame as the sturdy skeleton, the inner foam as a vessel for human emotions, and the resilient cement exterior as our protective shield against the harshness of the world. The result? A pristine white canvas concealing layers of complexity. An ode to the beautifully imperfect.


“As a brand with the dedication to foster creative spirit, Level Shoes is proud to welcome homegrown artists that can pave the way for culture and community. We are delighted to work with designers such as KAMEH as part of our Objects of Design series to bring this collaborative artistic vision to life.” Elisa Bruno, CEO of Level Shoes

This Is Yung had the time to sit with KAMEH to discuss their design, their career and their aspirations.

Can you tell us about your artistic journey and how you first became interested in design and sculpting?

It all started after covid in 2020, when I was redesigning my apartment and wanted to make my home a gallery, where objects of design would become art pieces. I was visiting a lot of local production houses in Sharjah and Dubai until I found one who agreed to try and produce the first piece, which was a table. I always looked for the opportunity to express my creative vision and voice. 

Could you please explain the significance of the name “KAMEH” and the story behind how you chose it?

It is derived from the Slavic group of languages’ word for “stone”. KAMEH takes inspiration from the rough and raw shapes that emerge from stone.

The collectible you’ve designed is intended for shoe-lovers to store their prized possessions. How did you ensure that the design would cater to the needs of shoe enthusiasts while also making it a unique art piece?

It’s a universal size box which was designed with all possible sneakers sizes in mind, from high top to low. It’s quite simple at the end and the whole idea for it came from a white shoe box I had at home. I started to shape it, and then I drove to the factory to make a prototype the following day.

Your design concept for the Level Shoes collectible is described as “imperfectly perfect.” Could you elaborate on what this means to you and how it aligns with your design philosophy?

All of my objects of design pieces are imperfectly perfect. They are like us humans, seemingly perfect on the outside and so imperfect inside. All of my pieces are hand crafted and sculpted in a very chaotic way, which makes them imperfectly perfect.

How did you decide that you had completed the “imperfectly perfect” shape you envisioned in your mind? 

Love this question. I have suffered from the sickness of perfection for a long period of my life. I was never satisfied with the outcome of anything I was doing because it never looked perfect in my eyes. When I started making my first pieces, I found perfection in imperfection, and life has changed since then. When I sculpt pieces, at some point I understand that if I continue chipping things out, the object will lose its form. I guess that’s when I decide “this is it.”

Your design for the collectible shoe box is inspired by the concept of the “perfect white box.” What led you to choose the colour white as a central element of your creation?

White is a colour which I’m obsessed with. It’s so simple and pure yet rich at the same time. I live in a white space, I am dressed in white most of the time. When I design, I design in white. 


In addition to the stunning box, KAMEH has unveiled a striking new artwork in the Trends section of the recently reopened Level Shoes Dubai Mall. This gorgeous piece pays homage to the UAE’s rich culture and craftsmanship through its inspiring sculpted form.

KAMEH’s portfolio delves into the realms of nature and the human psyche. These intricate interior pieces, borne from local craftsmanship, straddle the line between decorative art and functional design.

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