Fatma Mostafa Weaves Creativity

“I make unique designs and pieces that are different to what already exists in the jewellery industry.”

Fatma Mostafa Weaves Creativity
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A multi-hyphenate creative, Fatma Mostafa is an Egyptian artist, embroiderer and photographer (Instagram) who takes a multidisciplinary approach in her work, incorporating her many talents in her award-winning jewellery designs. 

Fatma Mostafa

Why is embroidery such an important part of your designs? 

For me, embroidery was one of the first mediums I worked with. Later on, when I studied painting, I loved experimenting with different materials and mixing techniques with my embroidery – I really just enjoyed the process. 

Given your multidisciplinary background, what made you choose jewellery design as your main focus? 

While I was experimenting with different materials, I got the idea of mixing metal with embroidery to make something wearable. I felt that with this mix I could make unique designs and pieces that are different to what already exists in the jewellery industry. I feel I can express myself with all the materials I love to work with. 

What challenges did you face when incorporating embroidery in small-scale jewellery pieces? 

Jewellery making and embroidery are two crafts that, individually, require a lot of effort and time. The idea of mixing them together, and the precision and patience needed to make small paintings with embroidery is challenging, but I enjoy the process. 

Fatma Mostafa

How did your love for painting aid your jewellery design process? 

I think being a painter is what makes me think of every jewellery piece as wearable art. 

How are you influenced by your Egyptian heritage? 

Egypt has a lot of visuals, civilizations and diversity of traditional crafts, which definitely influenced my creativity. 

Fatma Mostafa

What is the significance behind the names of your collections?

Every collection has its own story. For Water Lilies I was inspired by Monet, but also the water lilies lake at Orman Garden in Cairo. For Out Of The Blue, the name came after a period of mental blocks and a lack of inspiration.

After winning the Fashion Trust Arabia Jewellery Designer Award, what’s next for you?

It was an honour to win the Prize in the jewellery category, I am so happy and proud of myself. I’m so excited for what’s coming, and being the winner of the Prize will definitely play a role in my brand development.

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