Hermès Menswear at Paris Fashion Week – Versatile Elegance

Hermès' latest was a story of adaptable style.

Hermès Menswear at Paris Fashion Week – Versatile Elegance
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Paradox becomes a thread of strength in a beautiful collection from Hermès (Instagram) during Paris Fashion Week. The Menswear collection celebrates the versatility of wear, defining a youthful, yet classic attitude through a playful pop of effervescence.



Construction takes on a new dimension as shapes and countershapes, cuts and cut-outs, and graphic signatures redefine appearances. The sharp and generous volumes showcase pea coats and jackets that are short, wrap-around coats elongating the silhouette, and narrow trousers streamlining the leg.

Irreverence takes center stage in these multi-faceted garments: reversible, superimposable, and transformable. A double reading as gum over clothes meets Prince of Wales check suits; double collars and tube scarves provide warmth while neo-racing jerseys effortlessly slip on like hoodies. Precision decentreings and engineered slippages create a visual spectacle.

The materials, ranging from dense and tender lambskins to stirrup leather, deerskin flannel, cashmere, alpaca, and iridescent wool cloth, showcase a luxurious tapestry of textures. The muted palette lights up with acid strokes and deep shimmers, offering shades of black, brown, matte, and shiny. Underneath the casual appearance, a hidden sophistication breaks free, illuminating the winter night.

Hermès unveils an array of exquisite accessories, including Haut a Courroies en Selle, Garden Party Voyage, Fourre-Tout Etrivière, Plume, and Bolide Relax bags, Sac a Depeches pouches, Hermès Equipier pouches, and To Go 1957 pouches. The collection also features beanies, bucket hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other exquisite jewelry pieces.

Hermes Hermes Hermes

Reversible tube scarves and sheepskin or deer skin, along with ties in Prince of Wales check wool, add a touch of finesse. Double Etrivière belts, ankle boots, derbies, and an array of coats and jackets showcase Hermès’ commitment to redefining elegance.

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Whether it’s short pea coats in Whipcord, travel coats in wool broadcloth, or double-breasted suits with narrow trousers in Prince of Wales Czech wool, Hermès encapsulates a world of fashion innovation and colours like khaki, basalt, charcoal, anise, petroleum blue, heather, pumpkin, crocus, silex, brown, peat, and black weave through the collection, creating a visual masterpiece.


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