Hublot, Watches to Watch

The Big Bang and Classic Fusion ranges from Hublot come in new hypnotic, stunning watches

Hublot, Watches to Watch
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Hublot (Instagram): French for porthole. A name that takes you on long journeys and great adventures, like an open window on infinite horizons. The famous Swiss watch brand will always represent a dream for perfectionists and lovers of extraordinary gear. From the Big Bang, which immerses you in the secrets of time and the origins of the world, to the Classic Fusion, whose simplicity is an art, Hublot plays with styles. In black ceramic or paved with multicoloured stones, these watches are unique and are sure to turn heads.

Prepare to be amazed!

Square Bang Unico Titanium Ceramic 42mm

Why does a square watch seem so unconventional? Simply because the cogs of a watch are round. And also because, for a watch to be perfectly waterproof, it must not present any right angles. This geometry is therefore a real horological challenge. Inspired by the Maison’s iconic Big Bang, this Square Bang Unico adds a new pillar, ‘The Shaped Collection’, to sit alongside the Spirit of Big Bang. It pulls off the challenge with a guaranteed water resistance to 100 metres. The size of the case is also an important factor to ensure the model is perfectly ergonomic, providing comfort on the wrist similar to that of the 42 mm Big Bang. Its pedigree coming from the brand’s icon can be seen in countless details. A new strap decorated with ‘chocolate squares’ further emphasizes the Square Bang’s identity.

Big Bang Unico Titanium Rainbow 42mm

Life is too short to be taken too seriously. Hublot created the Big Bang One Click Rainbow by injecting it with a huge dose of happiness. In an ultra-luxe, super-trendy combination, Hublot offers its Big Bang models with all the colours of the rainbow, enriching Isaac Newton’s seven hues with the radiance of glittering stones. Its dial boldly flaunts a chromatic bezel composed of 48 baguette-cut gems. Here, the case is made of satin-finished and polished titanium set with 170 rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts, blue sapphires, blue topazes, tsavorites, yellow sapphires and orange sapphires. And, see the trapeze shaped buttons on the sides? These are the “One Click” special Hublot mechanisms that allow you to change the straps to your taste. “A stroke of daring, a stroke of brilliance” says the Maison. And yes, it is also water resistant to 100 metres or 10 ATM.

Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold 39mm

Eight shades impart a distinctive visual cadence running from dial to case, adorning the 39mm Big Bang One-Click Rainbow with 425 brilliant-cut stones and the 45mm Big Bang Unico Rainbow with 388. Eight popping colours: rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts, blue sapphires, blue topazes, tsavorites, yellow sapphires and orange sapphires bring an unrivalled sparkle and brilliance to the pieces. Thanks to its patented “One Click” interchangeable strap, the 39mm Big Bang Rainbow can even match its colour to that of your It-Bag with a snap of the fingers.

The Big Bang Unico Titanium Pavé 42mm


Here we see the unparalleled performance of the Unico Manufacture caliber, redesigned in a more compact size. Unique in its design that transposes the column wheel on the dial side, this exceptional watch is available with a satin finish and polished titanium. It is set with 162 diamonds for 1.1 cts. Titanium is used extensively by Hublot, specifically for its lightness. It displays the best relationship between resistance and weight of any material, which makes it extremely popular, especially within aeronautics. It also stands out with its resistance to corrosion and its inertia in contact with the skin. Once polished, this material retains a slightly bluish metallic sheen.

Classic Fusion Gold Crystal Ceramic 42mm

This watch is the gold standard of timekeeping. Poetry and mechanics merge in a subtle, precious object with more than a touch of flashiness. It looks like an interstellar autumn wind has blown over an art object, trapping fine gold flakes under the crystal glass. From the first use of rubber in watchmaking, to creating new precious alloys, such as scratch-proof Magic Gold, and producing revolutionary composites like ceramic and sapphire with unique colours, materials are always at heart of the Hublot universe.

The Classic Fusion Gold Crystal Ceramic showcases Hublot’s “Art of Fusion,” in which the Maison carries out a perfect symbiosis between functionality, architecture and design. Its case is in satin-finished and polished black ceramic. The sapphire has received an anti-reflective treatment. The dial is polished black with unique 24k gold crystals.

Classic Fusion Original Black Magic 42mm

When you think of “Hublot,” this model is the first that comes to mind. The purity and refinement of this watch has made it a classic since its release in 1980. This precious gold case strapped on a simple rubber strap, unthinkable at the time, sent shock waves through the world of fine watchmaking.

Echoes of Carlo Crocco’s original design are recognizable in the rubber strap, the purity of the polished black lacquered dial that is only distracted by time, embodied by the facetted hands; the yellow gold and the Maison’s hallmark signature. At first sight, seemingly similar to the original, the logo has become more modern and contemporary over time. A past tense conjugated in the present. Today, the Classic Fusion Original is available in yellow gold, titanium and ceramic; the cases are available in 42, 38 and 33mm.

Big Bang One Click Sapphire Diamonds 39mm

Speaking of Hublot’s “Art of Fusion,” this watch is a culmination of the genre, for those who share the same spirit of independence.

In search of the perfect fusion between movement and case, Hublot engineers and chemists researched and developed a transparent material which reveals the heart of the watch, all while being robust enough to effectively protect the mechanism. That’s how the Manufacture has become expert at creating synthetic sapphire, which offers unique aesthetic qualities – transforming each watch into a work of art.

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