HUE – The Pioneering Inclusive Skincare Brand Receives a Boost

Skincare for all of nature’s tones.

HUE – The Pioneering Inclusive Skincare Brand Receives a Boost
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Inclusive skincare brand HUE (Instagram), (Website) founded by British-Somali medical doctor Hani Hassan and British-Arab architect Mona Haidar, has secured a £250k seed investment from an angel investor group. The company is dedicated to providing better options to people of colour.

The angel investors are led by Matteo Bozzo, a former KKR executive and founder/CEO of HeidiPay, and include entrepreneurs and private equity executives from Europe, the US, and Africa.

HUE’s founders, Dr. Hassan and Haidar, drew inspiration from their diverse backgrounds to create this groundbreaking company. Combining a robust scientific methodology with a rich sensory experience, they aim to redefine skincare. Dr. Hassan’s extensive background as an NHS medical doctor and a skincare YouTuber, with millions of views demystifying skincare for People of Colour, laid the foundation for HUE’s creation.

HUE’s inclusive approach goes beyond formulation. The founders conducted interviews with over 100 people with accessibility needs to ensure their products cater to a wide audience. Dr. Hassan emphasizes, “The current skincare market largely produces skincare that does not cater to the needs of People of Colour. Yet, the science of skin is unambiguous in that ethnic skin is structurally and biochemically different to white skin. HUE products are designed and formulated to address the specific needs of skin of colour, while undermining the false binary between science and beauty.”

The £250k seed investment will propel HUE’s research and development initiatives, supporting the upcoming launch of their highly-anticipated hyperpigmentation serum, ‘SUPRA-FADE,’ set to hit the market in December 2023 with a waitlist exceeding 6,500 people.

Matteo Bozzo, lead investor and HUE board member, expresses excitement, stating, “I am thrilled to back Hani and Mona in their journey to build HUE. Their genuine vision, rigorous medical approach, and entrepreneurial drive set them apart.”


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