Jennie for Calvin Klein is Here

Calvin Klein announces, starting May 10, Jennie for Calvin Klein, a limited edition capsule collection designed in partnership with artist, brand ambassador and global icon, Jennie Kim

Jennie for Calvin Klein is Here
Fifi Abou Dib

Who better than the South Korean star to embody the image of one of the world’s coolest underwear and casual wear brands? A hard worker, 28-year-old Jennie began her career at the age of 16. Launched by the Korean group YG Entertainment in 2012 as the “Mystery Girl”, she was, in 2016, the first member of the group Blackpink to be revealed to the general public. Carried by Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé, singers, dancers and models all, Blackpink nibbled at the top of the international billboards from the start. Now a world-famous group, its popularity and influence are immense. Ambassadors of major fashion and jewelry houses, the members of Blackpink have also contributed to raising funds for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic all while being the flag bearers for climate action.


Between two rehearsals, for the launch of the Calvin Klein capsule collection, for which she is the muse, Jennie is filmed lying on a pile of mattresses. Oh, this force of nature with the face of a doll, the body of a star dancer, is certainly not re-enacting the Princess and the Pea! Just taking time to stretch, she quickly bounces back. Tranquil, sensual, a fusion with nature, these are the themes of the clip.


The collection features a selection of underwear, jeans, tee-shirts, fleeces and knitwear infused with her personal style and creativity. The capsule reimagines these essential silhouettes with a pastel colour palette chosen by Jennie, as well as custom touches, including custom branding that reimagines the iconic Calvin Klein logo in her own handwriting.

Jennie Kim showcasing the new Calvin Klein capsule X Jennie (©Calvin Klein)
Jennie Kim showcasing the new Calvin Klein capsule X Jennie (©Calvin Klein).

“Collaborating with Calvin Klein on this capsule has been an exciting progression of our partnership,” said Jennie. “This collection reflects my everyday style and is inspired by many Calvin Klein items that have become staples in my wardrobe. I wanted to bring a personal touch to these pieces, which is reflected in the fit, color palette and details. My aspiration for this collection is for everyone to feel as happy and confident in these pieces as I do,” she says.


“Having worked with Jennie on several campaigns, we know firsthand that she is a cultural powerhouse. Her personality, talent and distinctive style have a major global impact,” said Jonathan Bottomley, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Calvin Klein.

Available in lilac, chalk blue and desert, as well as classic black and white, the minimal silhouettes, bralettes and matching bottoms, bodysuits and soft ribbed tank tops are designed for versatile comfort. Joggers, tees, dresses and crew neck sweatshirts are soft to the touch and easy to wear. A denim shirt and ’90s jeans offer a cool, easy look, while a knit top, dress and the sculpting denim bralette and skirt combo are on point.


The campaign, directed by Korean photographer Hong Jang Hyun, shows Jennie at her most comfortable and effortless, and visualizes her inner dream world through surreal images and videos. Capturing her unique sensuality and confidence, the campaign allows viewers to enter Jennie’s world.


The collection will be available in select Calvin Klein stores and on worldwide beginning May 10.


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