Kendall Jenner saddles up for Stella McCartney’s Winter 2023 collection

Kendall Jenner gallops through ethereal scenes where haute couture meets nature.

Kendall Jenner saddles up for Stella McCartney’s Winter 2023 collection
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Stella McCartney’s (Instagram) Winter 2023 campaign takes us on an ethereal journey through France’s Carmargue salt flats with none other than the stunning Kendall Jenner. Captured through the lens of the gifted Harley Weir, the campaign transports us to a realm where haute couture meets the raw grace of nature.

Kendall Jenner

The theme of ‘Horse Power’ is seamlessly woven through every fabric and silhouette found in the collection, the vision of which made its debut at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week, held at the illustrious Manège de L’École Militaire. The collection narrates the poignant bonds shared between humanity and horses while McCartney’s own experiences, interlaced with art, history, and a contemporary spirit, flow through each meticulously crafted piece. “I knew this season’s Stella girl had to love horses as much as I do. Kendall Jenner has been riding since she was a kid, just like me, and has her own ranch; you can see how at ease she is around these sensitive creatures, and them with her. Capturing this connection brings Horse Power to life, both through the fashion and the vision,” said the designer.


Jenner’s serene demeanor in the company of Jean-Francois Pignon’s ponies mirrors the tranquil nature of the campaign’s locale – the enchanting South of France. Pignon, a masterful horse whisperer and savior, nurtured and trained these horses to respond to his cues without physical touch, embodying the campaign’s essence of harmonious unity.

The dance between Jenner and Pignon’s graceful steeds seamlessly reflects the equestrian flair intrinsic to the collection. Rope details reminiscent of bridle reins, quilting that pays homage to the warmth of horse blankets, and Appaloosa jacquards – a nod to a beloved American equine breed cherished by Stella’s family – all combine to infuse the collection with an elegant equestrian soul.

Innovation strides hand-in-hand with elegance. Ethical luxury takes center stage with vegan crocodile-effect Frayme bags and S-Wave companions, both ingeniously crafted from apple waste. Even riding boots echo the eco-conscious ethos, shaped from the remnants of grapes. Beyond accessories, the collection showcases materials born from mycelium fungi and MIRUM – an ingenious cruelty-free alternative to animal leather that exquisitely melds plant power with circular sensibilities. This remarkable material is entirely natural and biodegradable, capable of metamorphosing into fresh beginnings or returning gracefully to the earth’s embrace.

Crafted from a staggering 92% conscious materials, this collection stands as Stella McCartney’s most ethically resonant winter offering to date. The brand’s unwavering commitment to compassionate luxury shines bright, eschewing the use of animal leather, fur, feathers, or exotic skins. In a world thirsting for mindful elegance, Stella McCartney’s Winter 2023 collection emerges as a guiding star.


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