Lella Fadda’s Enigmatic Energy 

“I believe the feeling of loneliness has always been the protagonist of my writing.”

Lella Fadda’s Enigmatic Energy 

Solitude leads to uniqueness for singer-songwriter Lella Fadda (Instagram), whose sounds come from a confidence only music can give her. 

Out of the spotlight, who is Lella Fadda?

I’m a very private person, so what I choose to show is what I want people to see. The last year has been about focusing on music and enjoying the process. Out of the spotlight, I’m learning to have fun with everything I create, and to be kinder to myself. 

When was it that you discovered your love for performance?

I was a very lonely kid who always had problems talking in front of people – but enjoyed singing for them – so I’d say that music was my only friend while growing up. 

What challenges do you face being a performer in the MENA region?

People are trying so hard to put me in a box full of their own ideas about how a female artist should look and sound. I’m just here to embrace my uniqueness, without trying to live up to people’s expectations. I know I’m creating a new genre and it’s going to take time for people to get it. 

Lella Fadda

Take us through your creative process: 

I write to document my stories and life – I could forget that a phase of life ever existed but not a song, you get me? I believe the feeling of loneliness has always been the protagonist of my writing. My songs are very personal, I’m sharing more than music. My most personal, completely heartfelt, is my latest release, Malleit

What are your pre-performance rituals?

My Rubik’s Cube. It lets me hyper-focus on one thing rather than stressing out about what could go wrong. Also the thought of getting food after the show makes me feel like life is worth living. 

Lella Fadda

Who would you like to perform or collaborate with next?

Sevdaliza, Agar Agar, Tamino, Tuğçe Şenoğul, Ghali, Akher Zapheer, Michelle Gurevich. I can go on (and on!) about the people who inspired me throughout my life, but these are a few names that popped into my mind. I know we could create magia together. Magia is my favorite word, it means magic in Italian. 

What distinguishes you from other performers?

I don’t know. I’ve always been very attracted to ‘real’ artists, people that I knew were giving so much more than just a performance. Likewise, I just do what I like to watch. 

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Photography: Ibrahim Gamal (Instagram) for YUNG.

This interview with Lella Fadda appeared in YUNG ISSUE 2 PRINT.