Messika – A summer of movement

Messika embodies the spirit of the summer with a timeless, modern range.

Messika – A summer of movement
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Messika (Instagram) is renowned for its fashion-forward approach and this summer season is no different. Founder and artistic director Valérie Messika has introduced a series of innovative, contemporary designs featuring the Maison’s signature elements in a fashion-focused campaign.


“Through this vibrant photo shoot, Messika jewellery sparkles and reflects the energy of the model as she moves through dance. Showcased through the movement of a woman who is not afraid to show her own style and personality, we find the DNA of Messika,” said Valerie Messika.


The Maison plays with layering, creating a series of necklaces and bracelets drawn from its iconic collections, brought together through the use of exquisite precious metals. A captivating collective emerges as individual pieces of the same jewel meld seamlessly together, redefining the stacking trend into a realm of refined curation seated in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.


Adorning the wrist and encircling the neck, a tapestry of identical D-Vibes bracelets converges, complemented by an assortment of Move Link chain bracelets, each bearing a distinct hue. These jewels are not merely worn; they are meticulously arranged, meticulously piled to conjure a maximized manifestation of allure.


For this season, Messika ingeniously pairs its diamond pavé jewellery creations with vibrant ensembles. “In this summer, a season of audacious choices,” declares Valérie Messika, “we ardently embrace the fusion of one’s favoured jewel with an ensemble imbued with an array of hues. The attire, in its splendour, elevates the luminance of the jewellery, and in turn, the jewellery accentuates the garment’s allure. Thus, the ensemble and its accoutrements extend a spirited invitation to embrace liberation, swaying to the rhythm of summer’s melodies.”


The Creole earring trend re-emerges through the resplendent Move Link Hoop. An earring meticulously adorned with the House’s iconic motif and bedecked with Messika’s signature pavé diamonds. This Creole design, inspired by the vivacity of the 1990s, beckons those who revel in the joy of vibrant summers.



Indispensable accessories for the season, thin diamond bracelets are the emblematic protagonists of the campaign. They proudly showcase the inception of novel precious chain bracelets and the captivating Lucky Eye bracelets, rendered in turquoise and malachite, forging a bond that defies separation. These elegant pieces are fitting companions to a beachside sojourn or a balmy evening dinner – exuding their radiance wherever and whenever they appear.


A sense of nonchalance is evoked by the entrancing new Move Link collection and its distinctive chain bracelet, characterized by its modernity and genderless aesthetic. The Move Link creations embody a daring spirit and are jewels that gracefully embrace everyday elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to a casual setting.


Valérie Messika’s iconic Lucky Eye reappears in two resplendent and fashion-forward renditions, enriched by the vibrant hues of turquoise and malachite. Signifying more than mere ornamentation, it bestows an aura of subtlety upon the season’s ensembles. A symbiotic relationship ensues, as this jewel harmonizes seamlessly with the creations of the Lucky Move collection, a masterful interplay of forms and colours.

The Move Uno Bracelet, an exclusive available solely through online channels, inspires dynamism and demands attention. A precious emblem draping the wrist in an array of seven captivating hues, it emanates a compelling impact, transcending boundaries of gender or style.


A vibrant, engaging collection, Messika’s latest is a joyful triumph.


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