Middle Eastern Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For

Rhymes from the Region

Middle Eastern Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For
Yaseen Dockrat

Music has been an integral part of Middle Eastern society since the beginning of time. Hailing from the western Sahara to the Gulf and everywhere in-between, regional musicians have received recognition from all over the world. In recent years there has been a constant, gradual rise in the number of artists taking to hip-hop. From North Africa to the Middle East, Middle Eastern hip-hop is growing, and artists are exploring different sounds. 

The sounds and flavours of what is now Middle Eastern hip-hop, or Arabic hip-hop, are drawn from wide-ranging influences, from trap, cloud rap and dancehall to traditional Arabic music. These all come together to form a genre in its own right. Earlier this year, IFP confirmed that the Middle East and North Africa is the fastest-growing region in the world in terms of musical output. Talents are building themselves up from almost nothing to scale the heights of the musical world. 

Here are 5 artists you should be listening to right now. 

MC Abdul

Gazan hip-hop teen sensation MC Abdul rose to prominence by detailing the plight of Palestinians living under the constant bombardment of Israeli settlers. In August this year, the young artist released What is it Worth?, a rap song that was inspired by the truce brokered by Egypt. Abdul uses the emotional trauma experienced by young Palestinians in his songs to create catchy, but hard-hitting verses. 


BLVXB is one of the biggest names in the Saudi music industry. The artist’s refreshing perspective results in tracks that are easy on the ear. His laid-back productions, coupled with the narratives in his songs make the artist one to keep your eye on and your ears plugged in to. 


Tac is a UAE artist who has been one to watch for some time now. The artist explores storytelling with a low range of dreamlike productions that allow for an easy deep dive into his music. Tac recently collaborated with multiple artists on LDNYCDXB, and anyone listening to his work will quickly pick up on his distinctly identifiable style. 


Bahraini rapper Flipperachi is high on the list of the most streamed Middle Eastern artists. His upbeat productions using Arabic instrumentals have bought him an audience that eagerly anticipates his latest releases. Some describe his sounds as energy-inducing.