Miramar Muhd Creates Mighty Murals

“I want to keep reminding myself and other women of how strong they are.”

Miramar Muhd Creates Mighty Murals

Expression becomes euphoria and imagination becomes reality for Miramar Muhd (Instagram), every time she paints in super-size. 

miramar muhd

When was it that you first embarked on your journey with art?
It was around 2017. I felt the need to express and the canvas was the nearest tool. Over time, I realised the healing power of art and now I’m obsessed with what I’m doing.

What is your favourite art medium to work with and why?
Paint, but on large walls. There’s something euphoric about hanging mid-air in front of a massive wall that makes me want to paint forever. When I paint like this, I feel like I’m opening a gate and communicating with another part of me: my giant self. It feels like I exist in another realm and at some point imagination becomes more real than reality. Maybe because I’m giving it a large piece of the space-time fabric. For me, painting a mural is a spiritual journey and the process is more important than the result.

Is there a significance to the scale of the work that you create?
For me the larger the wall, the lighter I feel. It sounds contradictory, but it’s much more about what I want to express than how physically tired or capable I am. There’s a lot I want to say and the large scale helps me to put it all out there. Now, my dream is to paint a whole mountain by myself.

miramar muhd

Women seem to be an integral part of your conceptual process, tell us more about that.
I believe women are superior beings. They literally give life to everybody walking on this earth. It’s a miracle. I want to keep reminding myself and other women of how strong they are; whether I’m painting an image of a strong woman or painting a large scale mural as a woman in a male-dominated society.

What story are you trying to narrate through what you do?
I have no story to narrate. I’m here to explore and seek something that is still unknown to me, yet I can feel its presence and strength. I like to share my journey but, to be honest, I don’t want to label or title any of it until it speaks on its own, especially my current work. I can tell you that I’m learning, being inspired by nature and that my recent studio work revolves around movement.

What are the main themes that you go back to when painting?
To my childhood, and to nature. The more I try to develop my process and art, the more I find myself going back in time and memory. I suppose it’s trying to understand who I really was and who I am.

miramar muhd

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I was obsessed with water for some reason. I used to play with it constantly. Splashing the water, pouring the water, looking at the water and even trying to smell it.

Tell us about your ‘We Move Mountains’ collection.
The ‘We Move Mountains’ collection celebrates female empowerment. For an International Women’s Day special, my work was featured as part of a campaign with The North Face. The idea was to celebrate women who challenge themselves both literally through sports, and figuratively by making a difference and opening new paths for others to follow.

What challenges do you face when creating such large pieces of art?
The challenge is that I need to accept the challenge in the first place! A huge percentage of mural work is a mental process, so I have to prepare myself mentally before I start. 

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