Najd Altaher Explores Arab Identity Through Art

Featuring added inspiration via The Powerpuff Girls

Najd Altaher Explores Arab Identity Through Art

Kuwaiti multidisciplinary visual artist Najd Altaher has an instantly recognisable aesthetic – toying with vibrant palettes, hints of conspicuous consumption and socio-political innuendos. Her subject matter often sees her become her own muse, nestled amongst a world of architecture, fashion and graphics. Following a string of successful solo shows and collaborations with the likes of Bulgari, YUNG decided to find out more.

How has the culture you grew up in influenced your work?

The local culture I grew up in encouraged me to expressively pour my personal experiences and perceptions onto my work. My creations are almost always interactive experiences built exclusively around social politics and notions of identity within the Arab region. As an artist, I find myself intuitively intrigued by human behaviour, and continuously attempt to capture its impact on society. The artworks I assemble, envision and create are intended to deconstruct local and regional societal taboos, formed with the intention to provoke and allow the viewer to question particular narratives structuring our societies today.

Who would be your dream collaborators?

Miuccia Prada, Lykke Li, James Turrell.

Najd Altaher

Can you describe the last dream you had?

I was driving on a vividly glimmering blue ocean dressed fully in Bottega.

What fictional character best describes you?

Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.

What’s the most meaningful item in your wardrobe?

My mother’s vintage Prada bag.

If you could travel in time, what era would you visit?

Either late 20th or early 21st century. I adore movies, music, and art produced and set during such timeless epochs. I would add how much I would love to attend Studio 54 parties and experience all the glam as an added bonus. 

What five songs are on your repeats playlist right now?

Mariah the Scientist, “Church’, Greentea Peng “Mr. Sun” (miss da sun), Lykke Li “Sex Money Feelings Die”, FKA Twigs “Darjeeling” feat. Jorja Smith & Unknown T, and Frank Ocean , “White Ferrari”.

Photography: Yousef Altaher