Mirror Line: The Details Behind Saudi Arabia’s Latest Project

The Mirror Line will be the world’s largest structure

Mirror Line: The Details Behind Saudi Arabia’s Latest Project
Yaseen Dockrat

So, you probably heard (or read) that Saudi Arabia is embarking on a new $500 Billion skyscraper. The record-setting 120km-long Mirror Line will be constructed along the NEOM Line.

Situated in the Northwest city of NEOM, skyscraper will become the world’s largest structure and comprise of two buildings that rise to 490 metres tall. The two buildings will also run parallel for an incredible 120 kilometres and would serve as the home to nine million people – which is roughly the population of New York City. The 120-metre building will cross coastal, mountain and desert terrain. The two structures connect via a walkway, while a high-speed train will run beneath, all on renewable energy.

The Line Saudi Arabia

“The idea of layering city functions vertically, giving people possibility of moving seamlessly in three dimensions to access them, is a concept referred to as Zero Gravity Urbanism,” Crown Prince Mohammed said.

The 490-metre-tall buildings will be just 200 metres wide. The building will also be fully wrapped in mirrored glass. If the outside structure doesn’t surprise you, the inside is sure to blow your mind. The Mirror Line will be a fully fledged city, and include integrated vertical farming, a marina for yachts, as well as a sports stadium that is built up to 305 metres above the ground. People will live in the smart towns and cities. The development also includes ports and enterprise areas, as well as tourist centres.

“The Line will eventually accommodate nine million residents and will be built on a footprint of 34 square kilometres [13 sq. miles], which is unheard of when compared to other cities of similar capacity,” the press materials read. “This, in turn, will reduce the infrastructure footprint and create never-before-seen efficiencies in city functions. Its ideal climate all year round will ensure that residents can enjoy surrounding nature when walking around.”

While The Line is set to be completed in 2030, Saudi Authorities and Head of Tourism expects that the project will be open to guests in 2024. Neom is set to become a fully functional city, with millions of residents by 2030.

NEOM is owned by the Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and forms a central point in the Kingdoms Saudi Vision 2030. Saudi Vision 2030 is a project spearheaded by the Crown Prince and seeks to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy by reducing its dependence on oil.