Paolo Carzana – A story of strength and grace

Stunning construction comes to the fore.

Paolo Carzana – A story of strength and grace
Zein Karam

“Magic” is the word creative director Paolo Carzana (Instagram) used to describe how his SS24 collection came to be so breathtaking. “My Heart is a River for You to Bend” is nothing short of wondrous. Carzana, who typically presents menswear, debuted his first womenswear pieces, creating a cohesive world for everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of the fantasy. 

We see garments made from the usual organically hand-dyed organza, all very standard for Carzana, who prioritises sustainability. Beautifully constructed pieces made from velvet and linen exemplify Carazan’s expertise on structure building and his eye for detail. The young designer revisited his love for fabric draping this season, introducing an array of evening-wear gowns the likes of which we’ve never seen before. This season the Welsh-born designer tells us a story of strength and fragility. Supple fabrics hang beautifully on whoever dons them but with powerful and intelligent construction. The garments announce themselves fiercely, but they don’t need to shout to do so. 

Carzana once again teamed up with Nasir Mazhar (Instagram) to create headwear for this collection. The pair have been working together for a number of seasons, making headwear focal in Carzana’s brand DNA. Five robust pieces, each of them displaying the collection’s message of strength and fragility. As the models glided down the runway, each piece sailed with them, adding another layer of grace to the looks.  

This LFW has seen multiple designers and brands struggling to showcase due to financial struggles. More so than ever, the struggle of being a young artist in the city is taking its toll. The message of strength and fragility is particularly poignant in this regard. A message of resilience and a reminder to create beauty. 

Paolo Carzana has taken our breath away and we are excited to see what holds next for the creative director. 

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