Rabanne: Embracing a new era of fashion and beauty

Paco Rabanne re-brands with a fresh look a new sense of determination

Rabanne: Embracing a new era of fashion and beauty
Louis Parks

As Paco Rabanne approaches its 60th anniversary, a remarkable transformation is taking place. Introducing Rabanne (Instagram), a globally-minded brand that signifies the convergence of fashion and beauty under one unique signature and lifestyle. With a new name, visual identity, and logo, Rabanne pays tribute to its avant-garde legacy while embracing a future of creativity and inclusivity.


Rabanne embarks on a new chapter as it celebrates a decade of growth. This transformative shift reflects the brand’s evolution and its vision to unify fashion and beauty seamlessly. The decision to simplify the name to Rabanne marks a momentous occasion for the Maison and sets the stage for a future that embraces innovation, creativity, and global appeal.


With the name change comes a visually striking new identity. The logo, inspired by Rabanne’s iconic fragrance Calandre, exudes modern minimalism and pays homage to Monsieur Rabanne’s trailblazing spirit. The sleek silhouette of the “R” monogram represents a refined signature, while the lowercase letters signify a disruptive and rule-breaking approach. This bold visual identity captures the essence of Rabanne’s avant-garde heritage and sets the tone for its exciting new direction.


Over the next 12 months, Rabanne will gradually implement its new designs across all aspects of the brand. From logos and campaigns to packaging and retail spaces, a cohesive integration will reflect the merging of fashion and beauty.


In tandem with the brand’s evolution, it is also venturing into new territory with the launch of its inaugural makeup collection. This new range brings together high-performance formulas with unexpected shades and metallic finishes inspired by fashion fabrics. Rabanne Makeup encourages a new generation to express their authentic selves and unleash boundless creativity. The collection will make its debut at the brand’s SS24 show in September, featuring Diane Kendal, newly appointed as Global Beauty Creative Director for Rabanne Beauty.

Drawing inspiration from the company’s fashion legacy, the Rabanne Makeup collection presents itself in stunning, high-gloss gold, silver metallic, and mirrored packaging. Each product incorporates the codes, symbols, and icons of the runway, taking cues from the iconic 1969 bag and XL link jewelry. The result is a highly covetable range that captures the essence of Rabanne’s distinctive style. The collection encompasses four bold universes: EYEPHORIA for expressive eyes, ROUGE RABANNE for a distinctive Parisian lip signature, NUDES for a luminous, fresh complexion, and ARTS FACTORY—an unprecedented array of artistry-inspired products.


Rabanne Makeup will have its exclusive online debut on August 21st, and will launch at Sephora in EMEA on September 12th.


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