Reemami – Reema Al Banna’s Empowering Appeal

"At the heart of Reemami lies the conviction that a woman is the sovereign of her own life. She possesses the freedom to express herself boldly through her choice of attire."

Reemami – Reema Al Banna’s Empowering Appeal
Nujoud Oweis

Reema Al Banna (Instagram) is the creative force behind Reemami (Instagram), which is fast becoming a regional staple.

Women and empowerment are at the heart of Reemami and are subjects dear to Reema Al Banna. The energetic force behind the local house, Al Banna strives to create authentic designs that speak to a confident, contemporary woman.

As the founder of Reemami, what daily rituals ignite your creative spark before you dive into a new collection?

My daily rituals are nothing short of sacred; they involve embracing the thrill of new experiences. I’m what you might call a “serial hobbyist.” Every two years, I immerse myself in a new sport or activity that sets my creative fire ablaze. It all began with boxing, then climbing, followed by wakesurfing, horse riding, and now, it’s the exhilarating world of skate surfing. This two-year rituals act as a wellspring of inspiration. I treasure the memories created during these pursuits, and they serve as the bedrock for my collections.

Designing a collection for me is a journey that spans a considerable amount of time. I begin by crafting prints entirely from scratch. In the subsequent collection, crafting the textiles alone consumed nearly two years of my life. I revisit prints that I may not have used previously, giving them new life and resonance. So, you see, creating prints takes a considerable amount of time. Following this, I embark on the sketching phase, which can span another six to eight months.

When it comes to the actual design process, I prefer to let it unfold organically. I don’t rigidly adhere to my initial sketches. When I bring the fabrics to life through printing, they whisper their own unique stories, and these stories often guide my designs in unexpected directions.


If there were something playing in your studio to fuel your creative energies, which song would be your anthem?

Music is the soul of my creative sanctuary. I thrive on the repeated rhythms of songs that set the mood and allow me to transcend into the realm of daydreaming, an essential part of my design process. Lately, I’ve found myself captivated by tunes like “Birds” by Coldplay, “From Afar” by Vance Joy, “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy, and, occasionally, the enchanting melodies of Arabic classics. Music sets the tone, and I immerse myself fully to harness the power of inspiration.

If you could transport Reemami to a different era, which era would you choose and why?

If I could wave a creative wand and transport Reemami to another era, I’d opt for the early 90s. It seems like a time when things were more straightforward in terms of production, and it was possibly easier to find passionate artisans. In terms of style, the charm of the 50s holds a special allure for me.


Given that women’s empowerment is the cornerstone of your brand ethos, how do you infuse this ideology into your designs?

At the heart of Reemami lies the conviction that a woman is the sovereign of her own life. She possesses the freedom to express herself boldly through her choice of attire. Whether it’s through avant-garde cuts or daring prints, our designs empower her to dress for her own pleasure and comfort. We create artful pieces meant to last a lifetime and be cherished through countless wearings.

If you were to define the quintessential Reemami client, what personality traits would define her?

The quintessential Reemami client is a woman who embraces life with unbridled enthusiasm. She radiates vitality and curiosity, possessing an artistic vision that propels her to the forefront of fashion. She’s unafraid to express herself through bold and imaginative styles, appreciating the meticulous craftsmanship of well-tailored pieces.


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