Salaman – A New Dawn in Arab Luxury Fashion

Steeped in heritage but looking to the future, meet Salaman.

Salaman – A New Dawn in Arab Luxury Fashion
Menna Shanab

Imagine flipping through a dusty family album, its worn pages filled with black and white portraits and stories of generations past. There’s a timeless elegance in the faces staring back – a hint of pride in their posture, a crisp white shirt with a hint of drape, a tailored suit that speaks of quiet confidence. These images, imbued with a certain simplicity and quiet dignity, serve as a constant source of inspiration for Salaman (Instagram) and the brand’s creative director Mohammed Badri.

“We were inspired by our families and their old family pictures,” Badri says. But Salaman isn’t merely a nostalgic exercise. It’s about translating that heritage into a contemporary language, creating pieces that are both timeless and chic.

Imagine someone who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything garish or trendy. They have a quiet confidence, a discerning eye for quality, and a touch of rebellion. They might be one to frequent art galleries or spend their weekends exploring hidden souqs. These are the people Salaman speaks to.

Think of it as a rebellion against the fast-fashion cycle. Salaman isn’t interested in churning out trendy pieces that go out of style as quickly as they come in. “We want to make it timeless, not just by looking at the past but also by looking at the present and the future,” Badri explains. Their vision is a wardrobe that transcends seasons, one filled with investment pieces that become cherished companions, passed down through generations as treasured heirlooms.


This commitment to quality extends beyond design. Salaman is deeply invested in reviving the craftsmanship of the Middle East. “There are thousands of materials in the Middle East that were never used in the fashion industry,” says Badri. “We want to make our own standard, something that can compete with anything else out there.” This focus on regional materials is a statement of intent.

The brand’s ambition is admirable – to source 100% of their materials from the region. While they’re not quite there yet, their current focus is on Jordan, with planned expansion to Egypt and Morocco. It’s a future where the world recognizes the Middle East not just for its rich history, but for its sartorial prowess, too. “We want to be a pioneer brand that actually makes different types of materials. We’re not trying to live up to the Chinese silk standard, or the Italian cotton fabric standard. We might not be able to build an industry as a brand, but we will be able to invent a standard in the Middle East that can be competitive to a lot of markets around it.”

Salaman isn’t afraid to break the mold. They understand the importance of the European and Middle Eastern luxury markets, but they also know the power of a well-told story. Their clientele is about those who appreciate the cultural nuances woven into each garment.


Salaman recognizes the immense potential of the Arab world. However, they acknowledge a current disconnect – a perception that Arab brands lack the quality and prestige of their European counterparts. Salaman is here to change that narrative. They believe in the power of storytelling, of using their brand to educate and empower Arab consumers to embrace their own design language and redefine luxury on their own terms.

“We want to focus on how we can be pioneers in such a thing,” Badri says, “And that’s how we make it technically.” Flagship stores in Dubai and Beirut are part of the long-term plan, cultural hubs showcasing not just the clothes, but the story behind the brand.


“Ultimately, we want to build a legacy,” Shambouri says. “We want Salaman to become synonymous with Arab luxury, a brand that tells a story not just with its clothes, but with its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and heritage.”

Salaman is an experience and they’re inviting you to be part of their story, to celebrate the heritage and craftsmanship of the Middle East. In an industry saturated with noise, Salaman offers a quiet confidence, a return to the elegance of a bygone era, but with a thoroughly modern twist.

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