Sharbel Hasbany and The Black Liner

"I've got this."

Sharbel Hasbany and The Black Liner
Omaia Jallad

Sharbel Hasbany (Instagram), a Beirut-born Lebanese makeup artist and beauty director, is a creative force in the beauty industry. Graduating from Atelier Maquillage Paris Modèles in 2013, he embarked on a professional journey which has seen him collaborate with some of the region’s most renowned industry figures. With an adventurous spirit, Hasbany expanded his artistic footprint across the Middle East and Asia, undertaking projects in India, South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. In 2018, he was appointed to the prestigious role of Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, a testament to his exceptional skills and influence. Renowned for his daring approach to beauty, Hasbany has curated striking covers and editorials featuring the region’s top celebrities and influencers. His versatile portfolio extends from fashion and beauty to jewellery, men’s grooming, bridal, and commercial projects, showcasing his ability to bring creativity and innovation to every facet of the beauty realm.

In this spellbinding editorial, Sharbel Hasbany redefines the timeless Black Liner, transforming it from a makeup staple that’s taken for granted into a canvas of artistic expression. With innovative flair, Hasbany invites us to explore the versatility of the black liner, challenging conventional notions that dictate perfection.

By creating diverse looks with the black liner at the forefront, this editorial serves as Hasbany’s declaration of confidence, a subtle yet powerful assertion of “I’ve got this.” Embracing imperfections, this editorial reframes them into bold statements, encouraging us to wield the black liner with authority. As we venture forward, imperfect yet winged and ready for the future. Hasbany’s artistic prowess inspires a fresh perspective on beauty – one that celebrates individuality and self-assurance.

Sharbel Hasbany, welcome. What is your earliest memory related to make up, and what inspired your decision to pursue it as a career?

My earliest encounter with makeup involved raiding my friend’s makeup bag. Smudged eyeliner and too much blush whenever we want to party, or even doing some iconic fashion statement back in Beirut.

Against the current of family expectations, my stubbornness silently steered me toward considering a different path. Their resistance made me reflect, and, almost inadvertently, the idea of becoming a makeup artist took root. It’s funny how defiance can lead to discovering one’s true calling

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable or influential project that helped shape your career?

Teaming up with MIA while I was in my beginnings in Mumbai, the Indian singer was a game-changer. Her vibe injected fresh energy into my work, making it more exciting and dynamic. It wasn’t just a collaboration; it was a shift that’s made me love what I do even more.

How has exposure to different cultures impacted your artistic style, and do you draw inspiration from specific regions?

Interacting with different cultures has had a direct impact on my artistic style. It’s like adding various colours to a canvas – each experience contributes something unique. The result is a more diverse and enriched creative approach that reflects a blend of global influences.

South Asia and Amazonia have had a big influence in that respect.

What is a unique technique that you often find yourself employing in your work?

Crafting a flawless canvas. Prepping the skin is the foundation of a seamless makeup look. Hydrate, prime, and let your skin glow – the key to achieving a flawless finish.

It’s not just about covering; it’s about enhancing your natural beauty and creating a masterpiece that lasts all day.

What, in your opinion, are the advantages and challenges of being a male in this industry? 

Navigating the beauty industry as a male isn’t just about makeup and skincare; it’s about challenging preconceptions, fostering inclusivity, and amplifying the message that beauty is a universal language. By embracing authenticity and promoting diversity, we’re not just applying products, but also breaking down barriers. The impact goes beyond the surface, shaping a future where everyone feels seen, accepted, and empowered to express their unique beauty, regardless of gender norms.

What intrigued you about the black liner, a common item in many makeup bags, and why did you choose to make it the focal element in this particular shoot?

Proving them wrong: Remember when my eyeliner wasn’t ‘perfect’? Well, now I wield that black liner like a boss. It’s my way of saying, ‘I’ve got this,’ turning what used to be criticism into a confident statement in my makeup game. Imperfections? It’s already in the past.

What challenges did you encounter in creating diverse looks while ensuring they still harmonised with the overall theme?

I’ve struck the right balance, keeping my makeup looks reliably cohesive without getting too stuck in an oriental theme. It’s about authenticity and versatility – telling a beauty story that’s both dependable and creatively diverse.

Creating a natural-looking white skin tone was a challenge, needing precision to avoid any gimmicky appearance.

If you had to sum up this shoot in three words, what would they be?

Consistent – Experimental – Brave

With your daring approach to beauty, how do you stay innovative and continue pushing creative boundaries in an ever-evolving industry?

Constantly inspired by life’s and architectural elements, I experiment with new techniques privately while being quiet about my future plans. Working with diverse individuals from photographers to stylists, to creative directors adds a crucial dimension to my skills in the makeup industry. It’s a continuous exploration and growth process.


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