Ss.hh.a.n.a Will Brighten Your Day

A singer with a soulful 80s synth sound and good vibes only

Ss.hh.a.n.a Will Brighten Your Day
Alexandria Gouveia

Prescribing high energy and positive vibes, Ss.hh.a.n.a is a beacon of new-pop purity proudly coming out of Lebanon. Throw in some love for an ‘80s synth sound and a voice that effortlessly slips into a soulful drawl and you have all the ingredients for a modern day pop star. The ultimate goal? Making music to make us all forget our troubles. We’re pretty certain she’s on the right path.


What’s your earliest memory of music?

When I was young I had all of Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson’s concerts on DVD and, when I came home from school I would just watch them over and over again, I would dream that, one day, I would be on stage singing my songs just like them.

Describe your sound

I would say new-age pop and a throwback to the ’80s. But honestly, I think my music has no boundaries or limits. It’s atmospheric, energetic, and soulful.

Where are you in the world right now – and what are the best and worst things about it?

I’m in Lebanon. I love being here as I get to see my family every single day. I guess the worst things are the lack of opportunities because of the catastrophes that happen here, as well as struggling to travel because of passport issues.


Is there a difficulty attached to progress as a performer in the MENA region?

I think it’s harder than for people living in Europe and LA. There were no open doors for me as an artist in my country, but thanks to my team I was able to create my own identity, perform and eventually gain a lot of exposure. In my region I have unconditional support and love; even if it isn’t an easy path toward success, it pushes me to keep going.

What’s been the toughest part of your journey so far?

Honestly, every day is a tough and challenging day in my career. But [progress is made] by doing better today than yesterday, growing as an international artist daily, and staying true to myself.

We’re kinda obsessed with your name – where did all the full-stops come from?

Well, it came from my aunt. I couldn’t find a way to write it for my artist account on Instagram, and when she wrote it I found it weird but loved it. When people like or dislike something, they remember it. And I knew they would remember my name for several reasons.

What does your creative process look like?

I don’t really have a songwriting process. Whenever I feel like writing, I grab my notebook and write what’s on my mind. If I have a melody in mind, I grab my phone and record it for fear of forgetting it. If I’m home I just sit, play a melody, and start jamming.


How does your Lebanese heritage impact your music?

My country and home have made me the artist and person I am today. Lebanon is the definition of courage, bravery, strength and love. As a Lebanese artist, I aim to represent it in the best way possible, and to prove to people that we can do anything if we really believe it.

What counts as success for you?

I think when I know that the artist I am, and the human I am, helps people to push themselves to love, be happy, dance and sing. For my music to help people forget everything else.

What’s your advice for aspiring musicians in the region?

Pursue what makes you happy, what makes you want to wake up in the morning. Try to love the process of being an artist, even if things get tough. The only way to success is to keep on going, believe in yourself, and stay true to yourself no matter what. There is no such thing as impossible.