YUNG Selects: This Week’s Playlist Curated by Felukah

Here’s what the genre-bending rapper is vibing to these days

YUNG Selects: This Week’s Playlist Curated by Felukah
Menna Shanab

Felukah is a name that has been reverberating through the Egyptian music scene and beyond. Born and raised in Cairo, the young rapper has boldly stepped up to the plate, challenging the norms of the male-dominated genre with her wit and linguistic finesse. Fluent in both Arabic and English, she switches between languages with ease, delivering lyrics that are as humorous as they are poignant.

But Felukah’s appeal is not limited to her linguistic finesse alone. What sets her apart from other artists is her commitment to storytelling. Felukah’s music is a reflection of her personal journey and the cultural experiences that have shaped her. From her upbringing in Cairo to her time living in New York, she blends the East and West effortlessly, creating a fresh sound that is uniquely her own.

Her linguistic dexterity is a reflection of a subculture of young Arabs who have been exposed to Western education, culture, and ideology while retaining their Arab roots. Felukah’s music is not only an expression of her individuality, but it also reflects the broader cultural evolution of the Arab world.


At the heart of Felukah’s artistic philosophy is the idea of freedom. Her affinity for freestyling and free-flow is evident in her music, which embodies her creative spirit and desire to push boundaries. Whether she’s rapping about her grandmother’s recipes or the Arab diaspora, Felukah’s music is a celebration of personal expression and cultural evolution.

In an era of global interconnectedness, Felukah’s music serves as a powerful reminder of the intricacies of the human experience. Her music has the power to inspire and challenge listeners from all walks of life, making her one of Egypt’s most exciting exports in recent times. As she continues to push the limits, Felukah is poised to remain a formidable force.

For this edition of YUNG Selects, Felukah takes us on a smooth sonic journey through MENA with a carefully-curated playlist spanning hip-hop, R&B, Arabic pop and indie. With a total of 10 tracks, Felukah pays tribute to the female powerhouses making waves in the industry, while also highlighting some emerging talent from across the region.

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