A Lyrical Force Out of Morocco: Frizzy Curates YUNG Selects

The Moroccan queen of freestyles shares all her musical inspirations in the latest edition of YUNG Selects

A Lyrical Force Out of Morocco: Frizzy Curates YUNG Selects
Menna Shanab

Safae El Jabri, artistically known as Frizzy, is always shaking up Morocco’s hip-hop scene, rolling out hit after hit. This year, she’s served up a handful of singles in rapid fire, including “Samm,” “Low Cost,” “Kinga,” and “Facile,” all layered with her personal introspections. Her ascent from the streets of Rabat to digital acclaim was fueled by her distinct ‘frizzstyles’ – a series of raw, unfiltered freestyles that have hit home with a global audience. One of these, in particular, racked up hundreds of thousands of views, a moment that Frizzy describes as a turning point in her realizing the impact and reach of her art. Beginning with online freestyles, her initial foray into rap eventually evolved into a powerful medium, a vehicle for her emotional and storytelling prowess. Her journey to Instagram fame is a story of raw talent meeting the digital age head-on.


Carefully carving out a nook for herself in the frenzied maze of Morocco’s saturated hip-hop realm, Frizzy navigates the scene with a mix of grit, grace and finesse, carrying her magnetic sense of appeal everywhere she goes. Frizzy’s artistic persona is an extension of her distinctive look, her name a homage to her wild and untamed hair. She eschews posturing and pretense, earning herself respect and admiration both locally and internationally. Frizzy’s artistry is an alchemy of cloudy energy and sharp wit – a heady concoction of ethereal vibes and grounded beats that sets her apart.

In her YUNG Selects playlist, Frizzy tries to capture all the disparate bits and pieces of music that feed into her musical psyche, as she explains, “These musical blends of Moroccan, French, and American sounds are central to my journey as a rapper. The acoustic ballads influence my lyrics, while hip-hop beats shape the rhythm of my flow.” This selection dips into her heavy hip-hop listening with tracks like ’10’’ by Laylow and ‘No Child Left Behind’ by Kanye West. She describes it as “a reflection of my eclectic inspirations, the diverse musical landscapes that shape my lyrical narrative.”

She’s also a girl’s girl. Her relationship with fellow female artists isn’t one of competition but collaboration. She’s a true believer of the power of the collective rise. Her approach to music and her peers is always grounded in mutual respect and support. She views music as an art, not a race. This solidarity is crucial in an industry where women have to work 10 times harder to make their mark. Navigating the male-dominated rap industry, Frizzy stands tall, her talent undeniable, and her resolve unshakable.

Dive into Frizzy’s YUNG Selects, our final playlist of the year, and set the tone for your New Year celebrations with these handpicked tracks.

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