Adrian Appiolaza: Igniting Creativity at Moschino

“I am ready to transport the Maison into a new chapter, with a theatrical touch.”

Adrian Appiolaza: Igniting Creativity at Moschino
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The appointment of Adrian Appiolaza as Creative Director of Moschino (Instagram) seeks to ignite a new chapter in the house’s history through a fusion of tradition, innovation and more than a little theatre.


With a history of sculpting Women’s Ready-to-Wear designs at esteemed houses like Loewe and Chloé, Appiolaza ascends to helm the Women’s, Men’s, and Accessories collections of the Maison.


His debut at Milan Fashion Week with his Fall/Winter 2024 Women’s collection promises a captivating narrative and will unfold at the iconic Museo della Permanente. This historical venue, reminiscent of Moschino’s illustrious past, sets the stage for an avant-garde renaissance under Appiolaza’s vision. The house put on the historic exhibition “Moschino – X anni di Kaos! 1983-1993” in 1993, where it celebrated the first decade of the brand founded by Franco Moschino.

Adrian Appiolaza, Moschino’s new Creative Director

“We are happy and honored to welcome Adrian to the Aeffe family,” said Massimo Ferretti, Chairman of Aeffe S.pA., the group that owns Moschino. “With his arrival at Moschino, Adrian brings with him a unique wealth of experience, creativity and knowledge of the history of fashion that will be instrumental to write a wonderful new chapter in the adventure of the brand founded by Franco Moschino. I was immediately struck by the explosive creativity of Adrian, a personality full of energy and enthusiasm, elements that have always distinguished the history of the Moschino brand. I wish Adrian all the best to build a great success story with us”.


“The jackets with 3-D postcards, the dress with a skirt made with twenty bras, the countless trompe-l’oeil: as a creative and a collector, the list of creations by Franco Moschino that have entered the history of fashion is almost endless. The essence of his talent, for me, is to inhabit his time – a mission he carried out with enviable lightness, opening a window for all of us to imagine, in our own way, the future. I am deeply grateful to Massimo Ferretti for allowing me to access the world of Moschino, as well as entry into a House whose walls exude a history that I am eager to hear. I am ready to transport the Maison into a new chapter, with a theatrical touch, in the pure style of Moschino” says Adrian Appiolaza.


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