Cargo Pants Are In Your Fashion Future

Baggy Cargo’s to replace mom jeans

Cargo Pants Are In Your Fashion Future
Yaseen Dockrat

The fashion industry is having a Y2K moment, right now, and you may have noticed that a popular item from the noughties has made something of a comeback. That item? the cargo pants. 


A quick search on TikTok revealed the #stylingcargos hashtag has over six million views. What more do you need to know? Apart from this bit below.

The Trend

Cargo pants offer comfort, utility, pockets, and often camouflage – should you want to really blend in. Designers have gone back to the ’90s on this one, and the trend has hit both catwalk and street in unison. It’s basically another layer of comfort dressing, right? Major designers from Isabell Marrant to Givenchy and Dior have released a plethora of reimagined cargos in their SS/23 collections. 



Cargo pants were created in 1938 for the British Infantry, however by the late 90s and early 2000’s the heavily pocketed pants were worn by pop stars and fashion enthusiasts alike. Look back at any of Destiny’s Child’s videos and you’d find that baggy cargo pants were a mainstay in the wardrobes of many. Sadly, the cargo eventually served its purpose,  with many banishing it to the realm of practical rather than stylish. Well no longer. Now the pants are now being worn by all the big style hitters from Rihanna to Kim to Gigi.

How to Wear

The style is not easy to wear, and while the side pockets provide practical storage, it also adds bulk, so a key rule is to keep the rest of your look more fitted. It adds balance to your frame. 

You could, of course, release your inner Carrie Bradshaw and dress up things up with a pair of heels and a slim-fitted tee or button-up shirt, to add a little sophistication to the utilitarian pants. A cropped or slim-fitted sweater may be the best option, especially when your cargos are adding volume at the bottom. You could also add some chic, by wearing a French tuck, which will define your waist. Tuck the front in and allow the rest of the sweater to hang loose. If you’re not going full Carrie, then take a style tip from Bella Hadid. The Palestinian American model sported cargoes with a crop top and a pair of her favourite sneakers. 

Whether you’re styling it with heels or your favourite sneaker, you will be wearing Cargo pants in the coming year. It’s in your fashion future.