Cartier Trinity: A Century of Elegance, Diversity, and Creativity

An icon at 100.

Cartier Trinity: A Century of Elegance, Diversity, and Creativity
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Born in 1924, the iconic Cartier Trinity ring celebrates its centenary with a jubilant flair, embodying the Maison’s most cherished values: diversity, unity, and timeless elegance. Picture three rings—yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold—intertwined in harmonious unity, evoking sentiments of love in all its myriad forms: familial, platonic, romantic, eternal.


Trinity is nothing less than a celebration of heritage and innovation, rooted in the visionary imagination of Louis Cartier. At its core, Cartier’s (Instagram) Trinity echoes the legacy of the Maison’s founding brothers—Louis, Pierre, and Jacques—and pays homage to the storied boutiques in Paris, London, and New York. Three: A magic number, a perfect synergy of past, present, and future.

Trinity transcends boundaries, speaking to hearts across generations and cultures. It’s a universal emblem of love, unbound by age or status. With Trinity, Cartier beckons everyone into its timeless embrace, inviting them to revel in the beauty of connection without constraint.


Trinity’s allure lies in its capacity for reinvention. From slim bands to bold statements, Trinity has undergone a metamorphosis over the decades. Its forms have multiplied, its materials explored with audacious fervor. Since 1924, Trinity has defied convention, embracing both the traditional and the avant-garde. To commemorate 100 years of Trinity, Cartier unveils a collection of daring designs, marrying simplicity with audacity. Enter the XL bracelet—a cult classic reborn—and an expanded ring size, marking Trinity’s evolution into the modern era.

White gold, yellow gold, rose gold—the iconic trio remains intact, but with a twist. Cartier’s design studios offer a geometric reinterpretation of Trinity, with cushion-shaped rings sliding seamlessly together in perfect harmony. Classic and large model rings, some adorned with diamonds, complete the collection, alongside bracelets and pendants that exude timeless elegance.

A modular Trinity emerges, a creative revelation available in March 2024. Wear it as one wide band or interlock the three rings for a playful display of movement—diamonds dancing with every gesture.

But, in order to fully understand the appeal, you have to indulge in a little time travel. In 1924, Cartier unveiled Trinity—a revolutionary concept that defied convention and captured the imagination. Composed of three intertwined bands, Trinity was a beacon of modernity, a harbinger of Cartier’s design ethos. Its elegance lies in its simplicity, its symbolism a testament to the Maison’s enduring legacy.

Jean Cocteau

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The first Trinity bracelet dates back to 1924. It was purchased by the famous American decorator Elsie de Wolfe, and worn by actress Kendall Lee, who was photographed in 1925 for Vogue wearing Trinity bracelets stacked in pairs. It was, without a doubt, ahead of its time and 100 years later, it’s an icon.

Trinity is more than a ring—it’s the clearest example of Cartier’s design philosophy. Clean lines, precise shapes, and unparalleled fluidity define its essence. Its influence extends far beyond jewelry, permeating Cartier’s lifestyle collections with its unmistakable grace.

Above all, Cartier Trinity is a celebration of unity and diversity. As Cartier marks its centenary, an international campaign and three global events will pay homage to Trinity’s enduring legacy. From Paris to New York, creative luminaries will offer their interpretations, creating original works inspired by Trinity, celebrating the bonds of love, the power of threes, and the spirit of 1924.

In the tapestry of life, Trinity weaves a story of connection and creativity, it’s an ode to the human experience, echoed in the timeless elegance of Cartier’s iconic ring.

Razane Jammal
Dhafer L’Abidine
Ahmed Malek

The famed house held three simultaneous launch events at Paris’ Petit Palais, at the Chelsea Hotel in New York and at London’s Ladbroke Hall. The events were attended by a star-studded list of the region’s most inspiring creatives including Razane Jammal, Nadine Labaki, Ahmed Malek and Dhafer L’Abidine who attended the Paris event and Yara Shahidi, who joined in New York.

Yara Shahidi
Nadine Labaki

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