Celine – The Incredible Age of Indieness Show

Celine unveils their Women Winter 23 collection with an incredible video of a wonderful night in LA.

Celine – The Incredible Age of Indieness Show
This Is Yung Staff

Step into the captivating world of Celine (Instagram) and witness the house’s latest triumph as they release a stunning new video unveiling the captivating “Age of Indieness” show at the famous Wiltern theatre in Los Angeles, California. The “CELINE 17 – Women Winter 23” show, transformed the iconic venue into a haven of artistic expression that seamlessly merged live musical performances with the cutting-edge designs of Celine’s Hedi Slimane.


The Wiltern, a legendary theatre, is an emblem of cultural history in Los Angeles. Originally conceptualized by architect Stiles O. Clements of Morgan, Walls & Clements as a vaudeville theatre, it first opened its opulent doors in 1931 under the name Warner Brothers Western Theater. Adorned with a breathtaking blue-green terra-cotta facade, accentuated by vertical neon signs illuminating the marquee, the theatre epitomizes exquisite Art Deco architecture in the United States.


Inside, The Wiltern unfolds a grandiose spectacle of opulent murals, intricate plasterwork, and artful tiles, all converging into the awe-inspiring Art Deco sunburst ceiling meticulously crafted by G. Albert Lansburgh. Over the years, this hallowed venue has borne witness to an array of legendary performances, establishing itself as a venerated sanctuary for the world’s most renowned musicians and artists.


As the stars began to align at The Wiltern for the “Age of Indieness” show, a constellation of A-list celebrities and distinguished personalities graced the scene. The red carpet became a sartorial runway, where Hollywood’s elite, including the likes of Austin Butler, Paris Hilton, Priscilla Presley, Doja Cat, Courtney Cox, and King Princess, congregated to bask in the splendour of this monumental fashion event.


The “Age of Indieness” unfurled in a symphony of sights and sounds, showcasing Hedi Slimane’s boundless creativity and multifaceted talents. Slimane assumed multiple roles, from casting the models and crafting their impeccable styling to designing the show’s extraordinary set. The seamless fusion of music and visual aesthetics was ingeniously orchestrated, with electrifying live performances from legendary musicians such as the iconic Iggy Pop, the enigmatic The Strokes, the magnetic Interpol, and an enthralling DJ set by The Kills.


At the very heart of this unforgettable experience lay an exceptional soundtrack, with the song “Hello Operator” resonating throughout the show. This musical masterpiece was brought to life by none other than The White Stripes, written and produced by the visionary Jack White. Commissioned and co-produced by Hedi Slimane himself, this soundtrack further illuminated Celine ‘s unwavering commitment to innovation and collaborative artistry.


Celine’s “Age of Indieness” show at The Wiltern was a mesmerizing display of boundless creativity, showcasing the seamless union of music and fashion on a stage as iconic as the pieces themselves. As the night unfolded in harmonious brilliance, Celine yet again proved their prowess in redefining the boundaries of art and style, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world.


Watch Age of Indieness in all its splendour:


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