The CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio channels the number five

The CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio releases a stunning collection in beige and white gold, embracing Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite number.

The CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio channels the number five
Louis Parks

The CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, the home of the famed French label’s most exquisite pieces, has announced the release of an incredible collection that pays homage to the number five.

CHANEL Fine Jewelry

A recurring theme at CHANEL (Instagram), five was Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite number and these pieces certainly embrace the iconic connection between it and the brand. For CHANEL, the number has long been associated with the audacity and spirit of the House and is certainly seen as a lucky number.


The collection embraces five elements around which the white gold and diamond pieces were designed. Five is seen as iconic, graphic and a symbol of the House.

CHANEL Fine Jewelry

It also represents the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo, Gabrielle Chanel’s astrological symbol.


Gabrielle Chanel also chose to present her couture collections on the fifth day of the week, wherever possible.


And, finally, the number five will always be linked to CHANEL No. 5, the house’s eternal fragrance.

CHANEL Fine Jewelry

The collection is made up of seven pieces, divided between white gold and beige gold designs, all of which feature diamonds. From necklaces to bracelets to transformable rings, the collection speaks of eternal style and the timeless appeal of CHANEL’s very best.


The ETERNAL N°5 transformable earrings are perhaps the pick of the show, and can be worn with a long section attached behind the earlobe, or as simple studs, the piece is also, like the ETERNAL N°5 ring, available with a thin layer of Rhodium plating for colour.

The CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio’s creations always turn heads and this latest series, with all its connections to the past, is no different.


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