Coperni – Bags That Are Out of this World

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Coperni – Bags That Are Out of this World
Mariana Baião Santos

A Coperni bag is literally out of this world.

In the wake of their groundbreaking robot dog showcase at Paris Fashion Week, Coperni (Instagram) is once again pushing the boundaries of fashion with their latest creation: the Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag. In a bold fusion of archaeology and design, this accessory is not just a mere It bag; it’s a piece of history brought back to life.

Arnaud Vaillant (Instagram) and Sébastien Meyer (Instagram), the creative masterminds behind Coperni, tell us this avant-garde creation is made out of “a lunar fossil that fell to earth 55,000 years ago, found in France in 1968 and carved in 2023.” Crafted from genuine meteorite material, each bag is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. With a starting price of 40,000 euros, the Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag is a coveted collector’s item reserved for the elite. But for those who can afford it, it’s more than just a fashion accessory; it’s a statement of sophistication and discernment.

This isn’t the first time Coperni has captivated the fashion world with their unconventional creations. From the Air Swipe Bag to spray-on dresses, their willingness to push boundaries has earned them a dedicated following among Gen Z and on platforms like TikTok.

The Air Swipe Bag, unveiled at Coperni’s F/W 2024 show, is a visual marvel, boasting a misty appearance reminiscent of frozen clouds, thanks to its composition of 99 percent air and 1 percent glass. The bag, designed in collaboration with Professor Ioannis Michaloudis, sees Coperni’s Parisian atelier transform NASA’s silica aerogel, renowned as the lightest solid on Earth, into a portable accessory that defies traditional notions of materiality.


Weighing a mere 33 grams, the Air Swipe Bag is a testament to the delicate yet resilient nature of silica aerogel. Originally utilised by NASA in its Stardust mission, this nanomaterial has withstood extreme conditions, including temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius and pressures 4,000 times its weight.

While the Air Swipe Bag exudes an ethereal charm, it is not without its practical considerations, users are advised to handle it with care, avoiding excessive swinging or overloading with heavy items. The transparent aesthetic, reminiscent of trapped smoke within the aerogel’s porous structure, adds to its allure, creating a striking visual contrast against the sleek silhouette.

These groundbreaking accessories represent Coperni’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and technology. Just as the Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag captivates with its fusion of archaeology and design, the Air Swipe Bag epitomises the brand’s ethos of innovation and creativity.

While some may dismiss their marketing tactics as mere gimmicks, there’s no denying the impact they’ve had on the brand’s success. With each new release, Coperni continues to redefine the intersection of fashion and technology, cementing their status as pioneers in the industry.

In a world where trends come and go, Coperni’s commitment to innovation remains unwavering.


These bags symbolise a broader cultural shift towards embracing innovation across disciplines. By incorporating materials like meteor and “air”, Coperni not only redefines luxury but also invites us to reconsider the possibilities of materiality and craftsmanship in the digital age. These avant-garde creations reflect a larger trend within the fashion industry, where designers increasingly draw inspiration from diverse fields such as space exploration and environmental sustainability. As Coperni continues to push the boundaries of traditional fashion, their pioneering spirit serves as a catalyst for broader discussions surrounding the intersection of art, history, science, and technology, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in shaping the future of design.

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