Fashiontainment, and why MCM?

MCM's Cyber Nomad collection launch event at Dubai Mall was a Fashiontainment extravaganza featuring performances by renowned singer Sohyang and the Ambiguous Dance Company.

Fashiontainment, and why MCM?
Fifi Abou Dib

Now that was ambiance! In the heart of the iconic Dubai Mall, in front of the MCM store, on May 5th, a VIP event, hosted by the youngest spirited luxury leather goods brand of the moment, produced an unforgettable stream of positive energy and Fashiontainment.

Over 50 million social media impressions in less than 24 hours and the enthusiastic presence of around sixty influencers, capturing and sharing the event with their mobile devices, demonstrated the vibrant allure of MCM.

MCM’s signature Fashiontainment concept aims to present new collections as blockbuster musicals, and this show was one in a series of global performances. The Cyber Nomad collection previewed during the event blends K-Pop inspiration with western style for a unique look.

Featuring singer Sohyang and the renowned Ambiguous Dance Company, the energetic performance took guests on a journey through the brand’s heritage from past to future for the first time.

Highlights included Alex from @supercarblondie, Jessica Kahawaty, Deema Al Asadi, Ola Farahat, Sami Slimani, Kris Fade and the Hadban Twins, who were styled in MCM’s latest collections.

The Fashiontainment Show is a platform for the brand’s innovative spirit and commitment to creativity, and is one in a series of global performances.

Later that evening, the Global Summit of Women invited MCM to present the Fashiontainment performance at its gala dinner. Similarly, the Museum of the Future hosted an impromptu performance as part of the Future Experts Series: Metaverse, Web3 & AI.

Sohyang, known for her powerful and high-pitched voice, is one of Korea’s top talents. The Ambiguous Dance Company, founded by choreographers Boram Kim and Kyeong-min Jang, is experimental and communicates through a new body language.

The leather goods brand, founded in Munich in 1976, taken over in 2005 by South Korean entrepreneur Kim Sung-Joo, is one of those success stories we love to hear. In the decade between 1968 and 1978, the rich and famous were called the “Jet Set”. Air travel was the fantasy of the moment, for those who could afford it. Munich was the hub and fabulous laboratory of music and musicians who mattered like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and the great star of the nascent disco scene, Diana Ross. The city’s energy was such that London and Paris seemed like suburbs compared to its incredible influence. Catching the zeitgeist, a visionary by the name of Michael Cromer decided to combine this dynamic image with the wanderlust of his contemporaries to create a brand of luggage that was out of the ordinary.

Inspired by his observations during a palace stay, where travelers were treated based on the quality of their luggage, Cromer sought to design luggage that stood out. Under the brand name MCM, whose acronym stands for “Michael Cromer Munich”, he created his first iconic line in monogrammed cognac leather. The logo that runs across his designs looks like a stick-man with wings, trying to fly away. In reality, it’s a laurel wreath with a bow, in reference to the symbol of honour in Ancient Greece. Disco queen Diana Ross has been seen wearing MCM luggage exclusively on her world tour. In the TV series Dynasty, which captivated a generation, millionaire couple Blake (John Forsythe) and Crystal (Linda Evans) Carrington travelled only with MCM luggage. One of Michael Cromer’s most remarkable feats was convincing supermodel Cindy Crawford to pose nude with only an MCM bag, further cementing the brand’s allure.

MCM’s star then waned for various reasons. When Kim Sung-Joo took over the brand, she built on this great history and revamped its identity with a Korean twist. Gender fluid, bold, young, dynamic, vibrant, MCM keeps its initials but becomes “Modern Creation München”. Kim Sung-Joo maintains the brand’s European heritage rooted in art and music, while relying on contemporary collaborations. Once again, she seizes the zeitgeist and makes it a success.

MCM’s universe is twinned with that of K-Pop. This hybridization creates a current of desire for a strong and singular identity, both kitsch and classic, niche and universal. The cognac leather and the winged stick-man logo are still there, but with new additions in white, pastel, Swarovski crystals and studs. The MCM story starts again in Asia before coming back to conquer the world… with the right luggage, of course.

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