Five Reasons You Should Be Watching The Bear

From the perfect white tee to the amazing food

Five Reasons You Should Be Watching The Bear
Yaseen Dockrat

Look, we know that there’s any number of TV series you could be watching right now, but sometimes one just seems to grab a global consciousness like no other. The Bear is a dramedy starring Jeremy Allen White and follows a young award-winning chef that comes home to try and sort out his families debt-ridden sandwich shop after the death of his brother. Lauded for its accuracy in portraying the stresses of working in a kitchen (it’s apparently triggering PTSD in chefs around the world), the show on FX on Hulu is pretty much the most talked about of the summer. Here’s why…

It Explains Distinct Difference Between Running A Fine Dining Restaurant And A Family-Owned Sandwich Shop

You probably don’t need to watch The Bear to know that there’s a difference between the two establishments. However, The Bear analyses both businesses and presents them to the viewer, while looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each. It’s interesting to see how Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) tries to bring the language of a five-star French kitchen to the shop. He refers to others by saying, ‘Yes, Chef’, and expects to be called chef too. This, he says, is a sign of respect. 

Carmy’s White Tees Are Now A Thing

Finding the perfect white tee is legit a thing. It can take you hours, hell, days. Thankfully, The Bear has you covered in this department. The Tee that Carmy sports in the kitchen has proved so alluring that there are already entire Reddit threads dedicated to finding out exactly where it’s from. Allow us to save you the bother of reading them. It’s a Merz B. Schwanen. You can buy it here.

Jeremy Allen White’s Performance 

We always wondered if Jeremy Allen White would make it as a lead actor. The Bear is the answer to that. From the accent to the restaurant language, to the hustle and dedication to his craft while mentally toiling with his other problems. White’s compelling performance leaves you wanting him to succeed at all costs.

The Bear

It Portrays The Struggles of Trying To Rebuild a Restaurant (And People’s Lives)

The series is gripping because it gives you a realistic take on rebuilding a restaurant. Carmy is something else, and the opening of the show proves his dedication and work ethic. Chefs work long hours, and it shows in the opening scene when Carmy wakes up on the counter of the sandwich shop. The Bear also takes a deep dive into what it means to be happy in a job. 

The Amazing Food Content

Unsurprisingly, The Bear is packed from start to finish with fast-paced shots of incredible food. From the braised beef in episode one to the opening scenes of episode four where the team are baking a cake from scratch, this show will make you hungry. Do not watch on an empty stomach.