Friends of FENDI Welcome in Hiroshi Fujiwara and Pokémon

A fusion of icons in FENDI's Pokémon extravaganza.

Friends of FENDI Welcome in Hiroshi Fujiwara and Pokémon
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‘Friends of FENDI’ brings forth a diverse series of projects and collections, crossing the ‘party lines’ of the fashion industry, distinguished by a belief in sincerity over strategy, with a true notion of friendship at their heart.

Hiroshi Fujiwara (Instagram), known as the ‘godfather of streetwear,’ has collaborated with FENDI (Instagram), seamlessly blending Japanese streetwear with Italian luxury in a unique Lunar New Year 2024 Collection. Fujiwara, a maestro of fashion, music, art, and product design, has shaped global fashion with his multi-modality, making his output highly covetable.

“I first met Hiroshi Fujiwara in London in 1999 – and what can I say? He’s one of my idols, and I love him. He’s an instigator of the Japanese club scene, its youth fashion scene, and its streetwear scene. I have been in love with Japan for a long time; its influence on me and what I do is huge – Hiroshi is a major part of that,” shares Kim Jones, FENDI Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear.

“When Kim asks me to work on a project together, I have no reason to say no. I very much enjoyed working with Kim again, and this time also with Silvia [Silvia Venturini Fendi, FENDI Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear]. It was a true honour to work with the house of FENDI, a traditional brand with outstanding craftsmanship. Grateful for this opportunity,” said Hiroshi Fujiwara.

FENDI x FRGMT Peekaboo ISeeU

Fujiwara’s Fragment enters the world of FENDI playfully with FENDI x FRGMT. Celebrating the Year of the Dragon, FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON introduces a playful twist with Dragon-type Pokémon, spotlighting the iconic creatures in a rare collection.

FENDI x FRGMT Men’s Messenger Large

A concentrated approach through FENDI x FRGMT and ‘FF Fragment’ reinterprets Hiroshi’s FRGMT signature on the iconic FF jacquard logo. A disrupted ‘FF Fragment’ adorns Peekaboo ISeeU Small, Baguette women’s bag, Baguette Pouch, Mini Mon Trésor, a new foldable Baguette shopper, and soft hobo bag. Men’s staples like a messenger and a belt bag showcase the FRGMT disruption with yellow contrast zips. The collection is completed with a unisex white t-shirt featuring a FENDI x FRGMT special logo.

FENDI x FRGMT Baguette
FENDI x FRGMT Foldable Baguette

FENDI’s iconic Peekaboo and Baguette bags meet Pokémon to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Leather goods expertly take on Pokémon through various stages, featuring inlays and prints on FF jacquard and FF canvas backings. The collection includes Dragonite and Dratini 3D marquetry in playful new Baguette and Mini Baguette bags. The Maison’s mastery extends to intricate micro beads FF embroidery on a special Baguette, featuring the three Pokémon with fringes. The collaboration includes Dragonite as a rare collector’s item, meticulously crafted by FENDI leather artisans.

FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON Mon Trésor Dragonite
FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON Men’s Baguette Soft Trunk Dragonite
FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON Dragonite & Mini Baguette Dratini

The line-up expands to include galvanized brass jewellery, combining the Maison’s iconic FF logo with Pokémon’s signatures. Clothing for men and women includes t-shirts, hoodies, and silk FF pyjamas with Dragonite designs.


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