How To Wear A Skirt Like Brad Pitt

It's breezy

How To Wear A Skirt Like Brad Pitt
Yaseen Dockrat

When Brad Pitt wore a linen skirt to the Berlin premiere of his latest film, Bullet Train, it felt like… something. We’re just trying to work out exactly what that thing was. Either the last iconic male movie star in the game had cemented the skirt for men as a trend to be embraced, or he’d killed the whole thing stone dead. It’s difficult to tell at this stage. Ultimately, you have to respect the guy for trying something a little out there, right?

The skirt for men trend has been something that has swished down the catwalk from time-to-time, but rarely been taken too seriously as a viable menswear option. However, recent fashion weeks have seen a change in mood. The likes of Virgil Abloh, Givenchy, Rick Owens and Thom Browne have all made skirts a staple of their men’s collections, and the trend has been reinforced by the edgier side of celebrity, too, with likes of Billy Porter, Ye, Kid Cudi, Jaden Smith and, of course, Harry Styles’ Gucci-skirted Vogue cover.

Men In Skirts Is Nothing New

The idea of men in skirts has history. They were commonplace in ancient civilisations from Egypt to Rome and Greece and were cheap, efficient, and allowed for swiftness in combat. Basically, whether you were fighting, farming or philosophising you were in a skirt. Scotland’s kilt is probably the only ancient skirt that has stood the test of time, and you have to then skip forward to the ’90s to see the item (and idea) gain some traction once more, as Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons and Jean Paul Gaultier all put men in skirts on the runway. It’s an idea that the fashion world has flirted with ever since, but it’s only now that it seems to be translating from catwalk fantasy to genuine article. Here’s what you need to know…

Harry Styles in kilt

How to Wear It

A classic Thom Browne pleated skirt is the perfect place to start for newcomers. Coming in grey, with elaborate pleats, the skirt is best worn with a crispy white-collar shirt and paired with a pristine-cut jacket and tie. To add to the aesthetic, this formal look is best worn with longish socks, and a pair of formal black shoes.

Perhaps you fancy going the ‘Full Pitt’? The 58-year-old actor sported a relaxed-fit knee-length skirt to the premiere of Bullet Train and paired it with a relaxed linen shirt (untucked, of course), a matching brown jacket and a pair of boots. In fact, he wasn’t just wearing a skirt, he was wearing a skirt-suit, that featured raw edges and appeared a little unfinished.

In comment, the Fight Club star said, “I’m going to say, it’s all about the breeze, the breeze is very nice… very, very nice.” Considering the heatwave in Europe at the moment, the breeziness of the linen skirt is something we can complement, it does provide that extra bit of comfort in sweltering temperatures.