Jacob & Co are Venturing Into the Metaverse With Its First NFT Collection

In collaboration with UNXD, the company has unveiled its first Full Astronomia Metaverso Collection

Jacob & Co are Venturing Into the Metaverse With Its First NFT Collection
Yaseen Dockrat

Through an exclusive partnership with UNXD, Jacob & Co. will create its debur NFT watch collection. The Astronomia Metaverso, as the collection is called, will build on the Jacob & Co.’s storied Astronomia line, while at the same time extending it into a crypto-native, digital future. The collection will also include five one-of-a-kind physical watches.

The Astronomia Metaverso, will feature eight unique watch NFTs. Each of these pieces, a work of art, will feature a unique Astronomia Metaverso design and is inspired by a metaversal representation of each planet in the solar system.

The watches that are inspired by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter will include physical watches, while those representing Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will be sold as digital-only pieces in the metaverse. Each of these watches will feature different stylistic variants.

Shashi Menon, CEO of UNXD, said “Jacob & Co.’s immense cultural impact has been long documented. We are thrilled to bring this iconic brand into the metaverse in partnership with UNXD. We think people will be blown away when we reveal what we are recreating and the roadmap ahead.”

Each watch will feature an exclusive manufacture Jacob & Co. manual winding JCAM19 Flying Tourbillon – 1 rotation in 60 seconds and has a power reserve of 48 hours. Each watch also features the classic Jacob0cut stone and monogrammed sapphire watch face. The watches will also include hours and Minute hands. The collection of eight watches has been designed personally by Jacob Arabo, Founder, and chairperson of Jacob &co. these physical watches will be a one-off its kind, and the company will insist it will never be produced ever again.

Exclusive membership to the NFT will give members access to an exclusive slate of activities and events. The artworks, or NFT’s themselves will include high resolution renders of the watch, as well as a “digital timepiece” that function as a clock.

Further details of Astronomia Metaverso will be released in the coming weeks.