Jad Hobeika – Storytelling in Fabric

Meet the Future of Couture.

Jad Hobeika – Storytelling in Fabric
Menna Shanab

At Maison Georges Hobeika, a fashion legacy interlaces through generations, from Georges, who was nurtured in the art of couture by his mother Marie, down to Jad Hobeika (Instagram), who grew up in a world of glamourous runways and fantastical designs. This lineage of couture craftsmanship set the stage for Jad, who, after studying at the prestigious École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, has joined forces with his father to inject a fresh, innovative spirit into the family’s fashion house.

With a childhood during which he had an array of interests, from drawing to creating, Jad’s path to fashion was not a straight line, but a meandering journey teeming with exploration and discovery. His story begins not with a singular spark of ambition, but with the magic of creation itself. Unlike many dawn to specific design elements, Jad found himself captivated by the transformative power of creating something entirely new. “It wasn’t something I ever actively pursued,” he reminisces. “It was more like I just fell in love with the entire process. The way you can change someone’s look, just by creating a piece with fabric, it’s incredible. It holds so much power.” This innate love for creation, more than just a career choice, became an undeniable calling for Jad.

Drawn into the creative orbit of his father’s fashion house, Jad developed a deep appreciation for the meticulousness of couture, not just as an observer, but as a participant. Watching his father, Georges Hobeika, sculpt fabrics into wearable works of art instilled in Jad a deep appreciation for the dedication and precision required in fashion’s most prestigious realm.

Born from the glamorous energy of Beirut in 1995, Maison Georges Hobeika has become synonymous with red-carpet glamour with its exquisite couture gowns gracing the world’s most recognizable women. Steeped in rich heritage, the House is a family affair and it  has blossomed under George’s meticulous eye for detail. On the cusp of its 27th anniversary, Maison Georges Hobeika opened a new chapter, officially naming Jad Hobeika as Co-Creative Director in 2022. With Jad’s youthful energy and contemporary perspective, the House promised to retain its signature DNA while venturing into new unchartered territories.

But Jad had already been an integral part of the brand’s development for six years. In 2016, he found himself drawn into his father’s fashion house, not with the intention to lead, but simply to contribute.  “I wasn’t supposed to do anything specific,” he recalls. “I just started offering ideas, mixing this and that.” This collaborative spirit marked the beginning of his formal foray in fashion, shaping his role within the brand. He began giving his input, helping to create the collections in order to expand the House’s audience to a younger, more fashion-forward clientele and evolving the brand on a step to becoming more internationally recognized.

“There was never a grand plan, nothing premeditated,” Jad explains, emphasising the organic nature of their collaboration. “One day, I found myself in the studio, surrounded by everyone working on their designs for the next collection. It felt… stagnant. I looked at George and said, ‘What if we shake things up? What if we try something different?'”

This collaboration is a delicate dance between experience and fresh perspective. Georges, a veteran in the industry, embodies the brand’s heritage and signature, while Jad brings a youthful spirit and an eye for contemporary trends. Well, as Jad put it, “The Maison doesn’t chase trends. We focus on what resonates with us, what we feel is relevant, not just for the world right now, but for what the world should be wearing. It’s about the emotions, the stories behind the clothes, even the little details.”

Their contrasting approaches, far from creating conflict, fuel a dynamic creative process. “We sit together, brainstorm, and see how we can merge these two worlds,” Jad explains. “Sometimes we compromise. If I have an idea that doesn’t seem as impactful as his, I’m happy to step back and support his vision. It’s a constant conversation, an ongoing dialogue that ultimately breathes life into the collection.” This collaborative spirit ensures that the Maison Georges Hobeika legacy not only endures, but continues to evolve with each new collection.

This partnership translates into collections resonating with both their shared and individual perspectives. “The Spring 2024 collection,” Jad explains, “is really about the Arab world, showcasing a sense of nostalgia and a glimpse back in time – kind of like revisiting Lebanon’s Golden Age. I wanted to explore this theme for a long time, and I finally brought it up, feeling it was long overdue. We’d never really focused on the world and brand together. You know, I’m deeply proud of our culture, and memories from my childhood fueled the love for this idea.”

His father’s response exemplifies their collaborative spirit. “‘What if we incorporated the gloves we were already considering for the collection?’ he suggested. ‘It could be a subtle nod to the era, like saying ‘Hey, remember the gloves they wore in the 50s and 60s?'”  This idea intertwined beautifully with the Arab world theme. “We discussed it further,” Jad continues, “and creating a single colour that would seamlessly flow from the gloves to other pieces was another idea we explored and developed together.”

Balancing his personal aesthetic with the brand’s established identity presents its challenges. Jad describes his style as “very human, very conscious of comfort” favouring comfort and a blend of modern and vintage elements. Integrating this into Maison Georges Hobeika’s more glamorous, embroidered designs requires a delicate dance of respect for tradition and a push toward innovation. Jad treasures the advice his father has given him, especially the reminder to “study your look” and not to get too caught up in taking things too seriously. This perspective has allowed him to navigate the fashion world with a sense of joy and authenticity.

The first collection co-designed by father and son, Fall-Winter 2019, showcased their contrasting yet complementary vision. It was a great success and set the tone for the future of their creative collaborations. A-list actresses including Lily Collins and Jennifer Lopez adopted key looks for their red carpet appearances. While Georges’ near 30 years in the industry provides a wealth of experience, Jad’s youthful perspective and uninhibited spirit inject fresh energy into the Maison, taking it forward into the future. The first collection presented by the two Co-Creative Directors was the Fall/Winter 2022 collection which showed in Paris. They presented a collection that celebrated “self-confidence, femininity, and the power of dreams,” featuring bolder colours and, for the first time, menswear. This spirit of inclusivity and experimentation continues to define their work, as seen in the use of plus-size models and a drag queen on the runway.

While some designers find inspiration in fleeting moments, Jad’s creative spark ignites with a feeling for shape and colour. He then translates this initial vision into a flurry of sketches, relentlessly refining them until a novel theme emerges, blossoming into a full-fledged collection. Take the “VAMPS” collection, for example. Inspired by his own exploration of anxiety, Jad envisioned the collection through the powerful image of a vampire. “We were discussing anxiety, and somehow, the image of a vampire just emerged,” Jad explains. “It represented that feeling of raw power, that sense of being almost invincible. I translated that emotion into the collection, using the vampire as a symbol.” 


Jad’s approach to design is deeply personal. From exploring anxieties through the metaphorical power of a vampire to honouring the Arab world’s golden age, his collections transcend mere garments. Each piece becomes a character in a larger narrative, brought to life through his dedication to storytelling. “I love to tell a story,” Jad shares. “About a woman, or an idea, or something I’m going through, whatever it is. The story just makes sense and translates itself into clothing. Whenever I have a story in mind, or I’m going through something, I create a character that embodies that specific feeling or that specific way of dealing with things. It’s literally a character that gets invented, created, or becomes reality.”

However, for Jad Hobeika, the greatest sense of fulfilment transcends the accolades and industry recognition. It lies in the transformation he witnesses in the women who wear his designs. “The most rewarding thing? Seeing women empowered by what you create,” he says. “Seeing them wear your clothes with pride, feeling confident and strong. That’s the ultimate reward.” This desire to empower and redefine beauty is evident in his bold choices, like introducing menswear, plus-size models, and a drag queen to the brand’s runway shows. “These weren’t just decisions,” Jad enthuses. “They were statements. Because for me, the Maison Georges Hobeika is more than just a brand; it’s a state of mind, a platform to celebrate individuality and share personal stories.”

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