Nicki Minaj Collabs with LØCI for an Exclusive Sneaker Line

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Nicki Minaj Collabs with LØCI for an Exclusive Sneaker Line
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Superstar Nicki Minaj has announced her new role as a co-owner of the up and coming footwear brand, LØCI (Instagram). Not happy with just stepping up as an owner, Minaj has also launched her own limited-edition sneaker collection, bringing her iconic style to the forefront of sustainable fashion.

Nicki Minaj
Atom, pink on pink

LØCI, a UK-based brand founded in 2021 by brothers Emmanuel and Frank Eribo, has quickly captured the spotlight with its commitment to eco-friendly materials and killer designs. The brand’s rise to prominence has been bolstered by celebrity endorsements, and now with Minaj’s creative input and ownership, LØCI hopes to redefine sneaker culture.


Nicki Minaj’s debut collection with LØCI features five unique creations, each available in eleven vibrant colorways. These sneakers are not only a testament to Minaj’s flamboyant and fearless style but also reflect her commitment to sustainability, as each piece is crafted from next-gen bio-leather. This innovative material combines non-food grade corn with recycled textiles, setting new standards in the eco-conscious apparel industry.

Nicki Minaj
Atom, white on pink

“I’m absolutely thrilled to join the LØCI family as an owner,” said Minaj. “Their mission resonates with mine. Sneakers have undeniably played a transformative role in shaping my unique style, allowing me to boldly express my true self. I wanted to ensure that the culture I grew up with, one of never giving up, was mirrored in my collection. It’s more than just fashion; it’s a lifestyle. I’ll never put out a single pair that I don’t wear. My fans know that about me. It’ll always be ‘Nicki Approved’.”


Emmanuel Eribo, CEO of LØCI, expressed his enthusiasm about Minaj’s involvement, noting that her vision aligns perfectly with the brand’s mission, “LØCI is all about working with people who believe in our mission and see the world in the way we do. Having Nicki Minaj place her faith in us as an owner and her determination to elevate our brand on a global scale is a testament to our shared vision of challenging conventions and making a meaningful impact.”

Nicki Minaj
Neo, black on pink

Founded with the mission to blend aspiration with impact, LØCI is more than just a footwear brand. It’s a movement towards more ethical fashion choices, resonating with a consumer base that values sustainability. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have not only endorsed LØCI but also invested in its vision. The brand’s use of recycled materials and its contributions to wildlife conservation are pivotal elements of its ethos. With every pair handcrafted in Portugal and 10% of profits going to conservation efforts, LØCI is setting a benchmark for responsible fashion.


The collection has launched globally, and is available exclusively on LØCI’s website, ensuring fans and fashion-forward consumers can directly access these limited-edition designs.


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