Jeremy Scott’s Best Moments at Moschino

The designer is stepping down as creative director after a decade.

Jeremy Scott’s Best Moments at Moschino
Yaseen Dockrat

After almost 10 years at the helm of famed Italian fashion house Moschino, creative director Jeremy Scott has announced that he will depart the role. 

During his time at the brand, the designer launched several groundbreaking campaigns that questioned the role of fashion in art, consumerism and social commentary. His campaigns, often with fearless and show-stopping humour, added a fundamentally new chapter into the annals of the brand while keeping to the House’s renowned codes. 

“These past 10 years at Moschino have been a wonderful celebration of creativity and imagination,” Scott said. “I am so proud of the legacy I am leaving behind.”

Scott’s campaigns were fun and exciting, but more importantly, they all carried a message. Some of the shots from his campaigns, fashion shows, and his dressing of celebrities at events became not only iconic apparel and dress codes, but also images that dominate pop culture today. 

Debut FW/14 McDonald’s Collections

Jeremy Scott

While the collection drew a bit of criticism for glamourizing the McDonald’s logo, it is probably Scott’s most well known collection. The McDonald’s arched M was reconfigured as the brand’s heart design, while the fast food bag was transformed into a Moschino handbag carried on a tray. The image has become famous in the world of fashion and pop culture. 

Katy Perry Dressed as a Burger at the Met Gala After Party in 2019

Jeremy Scott

If you thought the designer was done with his food references after his debut collection, you’re in for a surprise. Scott also commented on fast-food consumerism and dressed Katy Perry in a dress in the shape of a burger. If anything, the dress looked pretty edible. 

Wearable Flower Arrangement

Scott brought a playful side to his collections. Perhaps one of the most notable moments during his tenure was he dressed Palestinian-American model Gigi Hadid as a flower arrangement. The dress was complete with a wrapped ribbon. The model walked the catwalk with flowers blooming out around her head and shoulders. 

FW/16 Chandelier dress

Jeremy Scott smashed barriers when it came to fashion and design, and his FW/16 collection highlights this perfectly. Scott’s standout look for Moschino’s FW/16 collection was undoubtedly the chandelier dress, which saw a model dressed in a two-tiered chandelier, with electric lighting fixtures. 

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