Lacoste and Rex Chouk: A Ramadan Story

The Saudi artist illustrates the significance of community during the holy month

Lacoste and Rex Chouk: A Ramadan Story
Yaseen Dockrat

The sacred month of Ramadan is upon us, and Muslims all over the world will observe the rituals that are associated with the holy month. Ramadan is a time of reflection, where communities come together to share in the rituals. Apparel brand Lacoste has teamed up with Saudi Arabian illustrator and artist Rex Chouk to depict the meaning of Ramadan through a series of animations. 

The artist combined his own life experiences and personal perspectives with Lacoste’s crocodile – a symbol of tenacity – to create animations which honour the sincere and unique moments that are experienced throughout the Arab world during the month. Titled ‘A Ramadan Story of the Crocodile in Arabia’, the animations highlight the customs from the Middle East that come back to life while fasting. The famous Lacoste crocodile partakes the traditional acts of pouring coffee, gathering around the table for Iftar – the evening meal – exchanging gifts with loved ones, and spending time with family, all brought to life through a series of animations. Together, the crocodile and Rex participate in various Ramadan customs in Middle Eastern cities such as Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.

Through his illustrations and colour palette, Chouk has managed to capture the serenity that is experienced in countries and among communities that are observing the holy month. The colour palette reminds its viewers of the significance of the rising and the setting of the sun, which Chouk captured in soft hues. Through the delicate pinks, blues and oranges, the illustrations transport viewers to quiet periods of early morning, when Muslims rise to begin fasting, as well as the evening, when the fast stops and the night is spent in reflection. 

Chouk’s patch designs feature a limited-edition capsule collection that is available at the Dubai Mall, Vendome Mall Qatar, Nakheel Mall in Riyadh, and Mall of Arabia in Jeddah. Each of these stores will feature customization stations so you can add a personal touch to the collection. 

Chouk rose to fame in 2013 through his artwork which features figures and phrases infused with references from cultures across the world. His art, which spans music, painting, drawing, and lighting, depicts the function of our system and the divine interconnectedness of the physical world.

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