Levitate: A Dreamlike Escape by Arab Women Artists

Where dreams take flight.

Levitate: A Dreamlike Escape by Arab Women Artists
Mariana Baião Santos

Step into a world unbound by reality at Levitate, a collective exhibition in London showcasing the works of five talented Arab women artists. Curated by Hayaty Diaries (Instagram), Kinzy Diab (Instagram) and Christina Shoucair (Instagram), this exhibition promises a respite from the everyday grind, inviting you to soar through fantastical landscapes conjured by the artists’ imaginations.

Kinzy Diab and Christina Shoucair

Opening with a private viewing on June 5th, Levitate takes flight at Garden Walk Shoreditch. Here, Pippa El-Kadhi Brown (Instagram), Myriame Dachraoui (Instagram), Raya Kassisieh (Instagram), Nour Ammar (Instagram), and Zein Majali (Instagram) – hailing from Iraq, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, and Jordan respectively – will unveil their artistic visions.

Prepare to be transported. Transformed windows become portals to forgotten times. Skies bleed into psychedelic dreamscapes. Trees morph into fantastical climbing frames, and figures float in a realm of mystery. Familiar objects are reimagined, with lamps resembling skeletal forms and ideas taking tangible shape.

Myriame Dachraoui

Levitate is a space of liberation, where boundaries dissolve and the mind ascends to uncharted territories. It’s an escape, a coping mechanism, and a guilt-free exploration of the boundless potential of our imagination. Here, amidst the whimsical and fantastical, we find both rejuvenation and inspiration, a space to confront reality with renewed strength.

Pippa El-Kadhi Brown

For too long, the art world has been dominated by the male perspective. Levitate stands as a powerful testament to the richness and diversity that female voices bring to the artistic conversation. These five women, through their fantastical visions, challenge conventional narratives and offer a glimpse into a world shaped by unique experiences and perspectives. Their art is not only a source of wonder, but also a call for a more inclusive and representative art scene.

Raya Kassisieh

Each artist’s work draws upon a rich mixture of influences – stories passed down through generations, cherished tales from childhood, and dreams both remembered and nascent. Levitate is a testament to the power of imagination, a gateway to unseen realms – worlds we’ve visited before, yearn to revisit, or have yet to discover. Don’t miss this opportunity to lose yourself in the dreamscapes woven by these visionary Arab women artists.


Exhibition Dates: June 6th – 16th

Location: Garden Walk Shoreditch, EC2A 3EQ, London

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