The Fendi Allure ft. Louai Alama

The Fendi Allure presents an exquisite collection worn by the up and coming Louai Alama.

The Fendi Allure ft. Louai Alama
Louis Parks

In this editorial, the spotlight falls on Louai Alama (Instagram), a promising new generation model and social media star. Donning exquisite designs by Fendi (Instagram), Alama effortlessly embodies the brand’s luxurious aesthetic.

Against the backdrop of the enchanting city of Paris, the editorial paints a picture of a young man confidently strolling through the streets, exuding a sense of allure that effortlessly captivates and inspires. The Fendi Allure showcases the seamless fusion of contemporary fashion and digital culture, epitomizing the ever-evolving landscape of style and the power of the new generation.

Classical menswear gets turned on its head in Fendi’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection through the use of plush textures and sense of contemporary luxury. Soft fabrics align with silks to add a sense of inviting sensuality as hints of skin peak through as perfectly showcased by the effortlessly sensual Louai Alama.

Cocooning outerwear dances with languid knits and deconstructed shirting, pushing the boundaries of utility and craft. O’Lock zippers seal the deal on blanket coats and ponchos swathed in ribbed cashmere track separates, and Louai Alama looks the part in a sweater vest that casually slips off the shoulder.

This Parisian sojourn is perfectly rounded off by camel hair jerseys and Shetland wool flannel, sprayed shearling and FF fleeces. Overlaying waxed and burnished leather or overdyed denim, this perfect blend of textures are a feast for the eyes and fingertips alike. Louai Alama Louai Alama Louai Alama

Fendi’s Summer 2023 Astrology capsule presents a range of swim and beachwear pieces that tell the story of each and every star sign. Here we see Alama in a silk two-piece referencing Saggitarius, the water carrier, Taurus and other classic signs. Elegant, simple and certainly relaxed, Fendi’s Astrology capsules is the ultimate in sophisticated relaxation.

Louai Alama

The perfect combination of inviting, deep materials and Fendi’s enduring class, the House’s latest collections reimagine menswear with layers of texture alongside innovative styling. Unique, inviting and entirely contemporary, Fendi’s latest present a new take on contemporary design for the contemporary man.

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