Mallet London AW23 – Celebrating British creativity and urban elegance

Collaborating with British talents, Mallet London elevates streetwear to a new level of artistry.

Mallet London AW23 – Celebrating British creativity and urban elegance

In a harmonious blend of style, innovation, and artistic prowess, Mallet London (Instagram) announces the launch of its highly anticipated AW23 clothing collection. The collection is a testament to creativity and collaboration with some of the most creative minds in the UK, including the trailblazing grime legend Ghetts, Berna, One Wheel Wavey, and Silky.


At the heart of Mallet London’s AW23 launch lies an homage to the UK’s “Local Legends,” luminaries whose indomitable spirit and artistic expressions have resonated across the country and the world. The collection is a seamless fusion of bold artistry and sartorial innovation, stands as a testament to the enduring impact of these visionary artists on both culture and fashion.

Mallet London
One Wheel Wavey

The AW 2023 collection boasts an array of meticulously crafted pieces. From the opulent heavyweight 400 gsm tracksuits to the effortlessly chic shorts and t-shirts, each garment is meticulously constructed from 100% organic cotton. A refined color palette graces the collection, ranging from pristine whites to the understated allure of stone, the timeless elegance of black, the earthy sophistication of olive, and the deep mystique of navy blue—a harmonious convergence of hues that effortlessly transitions from streetwear to elevated elegance.


Among the illustrious lineup of creatives lending their visionary touch to Mallet London’s AW23 collection are the trailblazers One Wheel Wavey and Silky. These iconic names epitomize the collection’s fusion of comfort, style, and unparalleled quality—a testament to Mallet’s commitment to delivering a holistic fashion experience.

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Stepping onto the global stage is the legendary Ghetts, a luminary in the grime scene who remains at the heart of this captivating campaign. Reflecting on his artistic odyssey, Ghetts shares, “From the streets of East London to the radio waves, I’ve embraced every challenge as a lesson. It’s the pursuit of knowledge that’s propelled me forward, and I’m here today because of it. My self-belief has been my guiding light, expanding the horizons of possibility.”

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Joining this creative collective is Berna, a rising star in the UK rap arena, celebrated for his exceptional wordplay and distinctive style. In his own words, “London is more than a city; it’s an embodiment of my journey. This collection is a tribute to my roots, an ode to where Berna began. But as I grow, so does the legacy. London will forever be a part of my narrative.”


Mallet London and its AW23 collection resonate as an epitome of contemporary luxury, embodying the urban allure and artistic heritage that define British street culture. It invites fashion aficionados to immerse themselves in a tapestry of elegance, authenticity, and innovation.


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