Milan Design Week 2024: A Playground of Design

Why this design extravaganza is a must for trendsetters and tastemakers.

Milan Design Week 2024: A Playground of Design
Mariana Baião Santos

This year’s Milan Design Week (Instagram) electrified the city, the hedonists unsure on how to split their time as it ran alongside the Biennale within a country that knows beauty. Milan Design Week is not your typical design showcase – this was design unleashed, a vibrant week where the city itself becomes a living display. From April 16th to the 21st, Milan transformed. Every street became a stage for the most cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and housewares the design world has to offer. This year was a whirlwind of innovation and inspiration, a must-attend event for anyone who craved a peek into the future of living.

Salone del Mobile Milan

The venerable Salone del Mobile anchored the event, showcasing established furniture brands with their latest collections. Think sleek Italian minimalism reinterpreted for the modern era, or bold bursts of colour that push the boundaries of form and function.

But the true magic lay in Fuori Salone (outside the salon), the fringe exhibitions that sprawled across the city.  Hidden courtyards become pop-up galleries, abandoned warehouses morphed into design showcases, and fashion houses themselves got in on the action.  Saint Laurent Rive Droite, for example, presented an exhibition curated by Anthony Vaccarello, blurring the lines between fashion and furniture.

Milan Design Week 2024

This year’s trends offer a fascinating glimpse into the future of design. Sustainability remains a key focus, with materials like recycled plastic and upcycled wood taking centre stage. But there’s also a renewed focus on craftsmanship, with intricate details and artisanal techniques adding a touch of luxury to everyday objects.

Technology plays an ever-increasing role, with smart furniture and home automation systems blurring the line between the physical and the digital. Imagine a sofa that adjusts to your mood, or a lamp that responds to the rhythm of your day.

Milan Design Week
Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week isn’t just about shopping, though there was certainly no shortage of temptation. It’s about inspiration, about experiencing design in its rawest, most creative form. It’s a chance to peek into the future and see how the way we live, work, and play might evolve.

So, for the design enthusiasts, the tastemakers, and the simply curious, Milan Design Week is a must-attend event. Next year, pack your walking shoes, your discerning eye, and your appetite for the unexpected. The future awaits.

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