Miramar Al Nayyar Captures the Essence of the Desert

Miramar Al Nayyar's current exhibition unveils a new direction, focusing on emotions and a sense of refuge through uniform-sized canvases.

Miramar Al Nayyar Captures the Essence of the Desert
Mariana Baião Santos

Miramar Al Nayyar (Instagram) and her creative path defy a simple narrative. It’s a tapestry woven from a non-linear blend of past experiences, present inspirations, and even glimpses of the future, shaping her perception of the world and fuelling her artistic fire. This constant influx creates a sense of perpetual becoming, a journey with no predetermined destination.

Miramar Al Nayyar

The creative process itself is a delicate dance – a constant balancing act between solitude and inspiration, meticulous planning and spontaneous expression. Effortlessness becomes the guiding light, achieved when these seemingly opposing forces find harmony. Nature serves as her ultimate teacher, a vast and intricate structure waiting to be deconstructed and reinterpreted through Miramar’s lens. Techniques and methods become a way of breaking down these natural wonders, revealing the hidden codes that lie beneath the surface.

While meticulous planning paves the way, it’s ultimately about creating the space for spontaneous expression to take over. Before approaching a new painting, a period of deep reflection and preparation sets the stage, allowing Miramar to free her mind for the intuitive act of creation.

Miramar Al Nayyar

The desert landscape holds a profound significance for Miramar. Born and raised in Jordan, she never anticipated the desert becoming a powerful force for self-discovery. It’s a place of deep longing, a canvas for dreams where thoughts resonate across the vastness, and self-knowledge unfolds through a language of surreal symbols. Her Jordanian heritage whispers tales of Mesopotamian gods and goddesses, a connection coursing through her veins. Even the simplest sight, a solitary palm tree, evokes a powerful emotional response.

The concept of the “zero state” plays a pivotal role in Miramar’s work. It’s a state beyond analysis, a place where self merges with space. This pure experience, often encountered amidst the Jordanian desert’s sandstone formations, unlocks a primal connection to nature and the subconscious. The natural world morphs into abstract forms, revealing a deeper truth that lies beneath the surface. This point of origin, where self, nature, and the universe converge, becomes her muse.

Each brushstroke on her canvas becomes a physical manifestation of her journey, capturing the essence of the zero state and the profound connection she forges with the desert landscape. These paintings are windows into Miramar’s soul, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of the desert.

Miramar Al Nayyar

The current exhibition at Tabari Artspace (Instagram) in Dubai, Moving Through The Ether, marks a deliberate departure from Miramar’s previous focus on form. Here, the emphasis shifts to a feeling – a refuge from the world’s heaviness, a space of outward softness. The uniform canvas size becomes a tool, fostering unity and tranquility. This softness stands in stark contrast to the violence and rage she perceives in the world, a way to preserve tenderness in a seemingly harsh reality.

Miramar views her artistic journey as a constant exploration, a relentless pursuit of endless possibilities within a single creative space. She rejects the concept of achieving completeness, finding fulfilment in the immersive process itself. It’s in the act of creation, the dance between inspiration and execution, that Miramar finds true meaning. With renewed fervour, she returns to the studio, eager to delve deeper into the ever-unfolding creative unknown.

The exhibition will be on show until May 30th.

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