TUD x Chupa Chups – Free Your Inner Child

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TUD x Chupa Chups – Free Your Inner Child
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In a delightful fusion of nostalgia and contemporary art, The Ugly Duck (TUD) has teamed up with iconic lollipop brand Chupa Chups to launch a unique collection that encourages us to “Unpack your childlike spirit.” This collaboration is not just a merging of two brands but an invitation to rediscover the joy and wonder of our childhood through an innovative art lens.

Based in Dubai, The Ugly Duck (TUD) is an international brand that is renowned for crafting limited collectible characters perfect for lovers of art and interior design. Their convention-defying creations are all about passion and a love for new technologies and art.

In the past, TUD has collaborated with Los Angeles’ artist Punk Me Tender, the Pantone Color Institute, legendary boxer Mike Tyson, the King of Pop Michael Jackson and American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat to create unique art objects with international appeal.


At the heart of this collaboration is the desire to spark a playful connection with our younger selves. TUD and Chupa Chups are iconic in their own way, but together, they create something that resonates on a deeper, more emotional level. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and fun essence of Chupa Chups, TUD’s new collection embodies the spirit of the brand through imaginative art toys that incorporate Chupa Chups’ famous elements, including Salvador Dali’s floral motifs and the lollipop’s distinctive wrapping patterns.


These collectibles are more than just toys; they are a blend of art, interior design, and a pinch of sweet nostalgia. Each piece carries the iconic Chupa Chups logo, integrating the classic charm of the lollipops with the modern aesthetic of TUD’s design philosophy.


The collaboration introduces two exclusive designs, Eggstraw and Duckberry, which are as whimsical as they sound. Eggstraw brings a burst of strawberry delight, while Duckberry offers a more complex flavor profile with notes of blueberry, grape, and bilberry, all wrapped in a candy-like caramel casing that mirrors the iconic Chupa Chups lollipop.


Each toy is customizable, and allows owners to imprint their personality onto their collectibles. This personalization aspect not only enhances the connection between the toy and its owner but also emphasizes individuality and self-expression.


TUD’s commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every aspect of these art toys. Crafted from high-quality plastics and recycled materials, each toy is designed to be both durable and environmentally friendly. The inclusion of a built-in NFC tag ensures authenticity and provides collectors with the assurance that they are receiving a genuine product.


This collection is available in limited quantity, making each a piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike. For those passionate about art, design, or those simply looking to recapture a piece of their childhood, the TUD x Chupa Chups collaboration offers a perfect blend of all three elements.


The launch of this collaboration is a celebration of creativity, nostalgia, and the timeless joy that comes from our inner child. Available exclusively through TUD’s platforms, these toys are not just collectibles but are tokens of joy that bridge the gap between art and the everyday.


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