Montblanc’s Latest Collection Is for Those in The Fast Lane

Leather goods for those on the move

Montblanc’s Latest Collection Is for Those in The Fast Lane
Yaseen Dockrat

Montblanc has revisited its signature collection and reworked it to fit the demands of life in the fast lane. The Montblanc Extreme 3.0 collection has been given an elevated look for the Summer of 2022 and features a new texture on trendy and functional shapes.

The collection is conceived to withstand the demands of everyday travel, whether it be an urban exploration, work adventure, or travel escape to the unknown. By pushing the boundaries of technical innovation, the updated collection stretched the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship to achieve new heights of durability and performance, where functionality and sleek, contemporary style live in harmony.

Montblanc Extreme 3.0 is mindful of the environment, and the leather is obtained from a tanning process that is C02 neutral, while the lining is crafted from recycled fibres. For this collection, the Montblanc Extreme Motif has been enlarged on two scales: a larger treatment for the bags and a smaller one for small accessories.

“Synonymous with life on the move and everyday adventures, Montblanc Extreme has become one of Montblanc’s signature leather collections with its dynamic, sporty design and original leather treatment,” says Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc’s Artistic Director. “It was time to elevate the collection by reimagining its distinctive pattern and connect it to the delicate brush strokes of a writing instrument and bringing in new original detailing that matches the lifestyles of a new generation of Montblanc customers, one that is also focused on minimising its environmental footprint while living life on their own terms,”


The collection includes several pieces in three distinct size categories. For large leather goods, the company has decided to give those living a fast-paced life three sizes of backpacks. The large and medium backpacks include three compartments, while the backpack comes with Montblanc’s M Lock 4810 closure. Each of the backpacks can safely store a laptop and other personal items. The collection also includes a document case, a stylish companion to elevate your presence in those business meetings. Bags include a tote for the more relaxed days, while the duffle with the M LOCK 4810 closure will give you the versatility you need when travelling.

Medium leather goods include a chest and sling bag with zippered compartments in Montblanc Black or British Green. For the trendy among us who prefer lightweight pieces, Montblanc has created the envelope with M Lock 4819 closure, a mini envelope, a laptop case, and a pouch to store your laptop and tablets. Each of these items comes in the Montblanc Black or British green colourways.

Montblanc has gone with a compact wallet in black and green in the small leather goods collection. Card holders come in two sizes, and you can choose between an 8 or 6 card holder. The third card holder in the set includes a zip. Pouches in the smaller goods collection are made up of a key pouch with four credit card slots, a mini pouch with eight credit card storage slots, and a wallet with a pocket for those wireless earpieces. The smartphone pouch and key fob feature a hook that allows you to attach them to leather bags.

The collection also features belts with either a plate buckle, the M Lock 4810 closure as opposed to a regular buckle, and a roll or rectangular PVD Buckle.

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