YUNG and GUCCI Celebrate South African Youth

It’s the Love Parade

YUNG and GUCCI Celebrate South African Youth

“I believe it’s important to follow your own path. You can take risks, you never know what rewards you might reap.” – Hafidha

“I feel like nowadays everyone just expects you to do one thing or like know what you want to do on day. But I just want to explore and just execute whatever and do it elegantly.” – Ameer

“Live unapologetically because you only need to please yourself. You can’t please everyone. Don’t think about what other people are saying about you or what they think about you. Just do what makes you happy because you are the main character in your own story.” – Jenna-Leigh


Photography: Niquita Bento at Supernova Creative Management

Styling: Rusty Beukes & Summer Thompson

Casting: Summer Thompson

Hair: Alet Viljoen at Supernova Creative Management

Make Up: Justine Alexander 

Photo Assistant: Stuart Purchase 

Producer: Charlotte Joubert at Supernova Creative Management

Cast: Ameer, Andile, Elie, Hafidha, Idris, Iviwe, Jenna, Jenna-Leigh, Jeremie, Mila, Mira, Mzwa