Mystic Inspirations: La DoubleJ Fall 2023

A collection inspired by Ancient Egyptian mysticism

Mystic Inspirations: La DoubleJ Fall 2023
Yaseen Dockrat

The La DoubleJ Fall 2023 collection is inspired by J.J. Martin’s deep connections to, and explorations of, Egypt. Called “Awakening the Divine” the show was hosted at the San Paolo Converso – a testament to the designer’s spirituality.

La DoubleJ


The label’s collection takes inspiration from Martin’s ongoing spiritual quest, including an 11-day journey down the Nile. “The two trips I took to Egypt last year were life-changing and impacted me on a mental, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level,” says Martin. “I’m always finding ways in which I can bridge what I learn in my spiritual practice with what I do every day at work. This is the most personal inspiration that I have ever brought to a collection. having spent weeks immersing myself in the rituals, ceremonies, and the study of Ancient Egyptian Mystery school, I was able to absorb the significance of all these remarkable symbols, gods, and goddesses, and to appreciate not just the vast wealth of beauty there, but also the meaning behind it.”


Martin chose the San Paolo Converso as her setting for the show. The designer, who, on her second trip to Egypt, spent time as an initiate of High Priestess Deidre Kennedy, is known for her deep spirituality. It was only fitting, then, that she would use the San Paolo Converso to host her show. The venue was once a church that belonged to a convent, but since its de-consecration at the end of the 19th century, it has been utilized an art exhibition and event space.

La DoubleJ

The collection

Ancient Egyptian influences are prevalent throughout the collection, both in the overall concept and the minute detailing that is woven intricately through each of the pieces. Nile and Philae prints are accompanied by prints of the Bast, while key symbols like the scarab and Ankh are woven throughout the collection. Everyday wear is elevated by a touch of opulence. Inspired by Ancient Egypt, sensual cutouts feature new silhouettes, as seen on the Farfalla Dress. Statement dressing is a key component of the collection, with Martin adding her largest and most luxurious suiting range to date to her offerings. Statement pieces are accompanied by knitwear that features rainbow-printed slogan knits, brushed Italian wool turtlenecks and new colourways of LDJ’s best-selling two-tone argyle line. Luxurious layering comes to life through a collection of intricate placée capes in multiple lengths, giving a sense of Milanese mystery and elegance to the collection.

Footwear comes in the form of several new shapes that include a play on the classic ballerina, an open-toe sandal boot, and a statement platform and power-printed knee-high boot. The collection also marks the debut of La DoubleJ denim, which will be available for purchase in the Spring 2023 season. The denim collection is an elevated rendition of an everyday staple that features dyed, and laser-printed jeans.

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